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What Could Facebook Messenger Chatbots Do For Your Business?

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are now a very big part of the Ribbit Facebook Advertising Agency.

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But before you do,  we wanted to provide you with a Case Study from one of our Chatbot clients. We show you the data from the Facebook Post, the Chatbot Subscribers and right through to the total advertising spend on Facebook.

Since early 2017 we have been building Facebook Messenger Bots for clients in various niches around the world. These include, Real Estate Agents, Personal Trainers, Cosmetic Clinics, Hypnotherapists, Restaurants and our latest contract is for a Dance School Head Office with 75 Franchises in the UK and dance schools in Australia and New Zealand.

This is a very exciting time for us, but more so for our clients...and also YOU!


The Client:    The Moorlands Inn, UK

Niche:  Country Restaurant with Events

The results you see below are from a Messenger Bot campaign that we built for our Restaurant client in January 2018.  This campaign started on the 1st January and the data that you see shows the results up to the 31st January.

Let's just say, we have one very happy client as this is the forth Chatbot campaign we have built for them since July 2017 and each time they have had tremendous success. Not only from high numbers of Opt-ins, but also with conversions too - restaurant and event bookings! (see some messages the client has sent us below).

Facebook Post Data...

As you can see from the image below, we had nearly 3,000 comments on the Facebook Post. We used what's known as a Facebook Comment Bot for this campaign and we asked people to type 50 in the comments of the post. 

Once the person typed the word 50 in the comments they were immediately sent a message to their own personal Facebook Messenger so they could claim their Voucher. We also added nice simple buttons inside of the chatbot so they could click to either book a table online or to be put directly through to the restaurant by telephone to make their table booking. 

Number of Opt-Ins to the Offer...

As you can see from the image below, this campaign had a 95% conversion rate resulting in 2,276 people claiming the offer!

Click image to make larger.

Facebook Advertising Spend...

You're probably wondering how much we needed to spend in Facebook Advertising to get over two thousand opt-ins? Well, take a look at the stats below.

As you can see, the total Ad Spend for this entire campaign totalled to £213.48. That's just £0.09 per opt-in.

The image below only shows the stats from when the Facebook Ad Campaign was started. We actually generated over 500 opt-ins from the organic Facebook Post on their Page within the first 24-hours of it going live. The rest of the opt-ins came from organic (free) traffic due to re-posting the promotion throughout the month on their Facebook Page and also from the 174 shares that we had on the post, which generated more organic traffic, resulting in more opt-ins.

Compared to traditional email Lead Generation using Facebook Ads, this Chatbot campaign has crushed it. With an Ad Spend of just £213.43 the ROI is off the charts. 

(We cannot disclose total revenue - but let's just say our client told us that their January bookings and sales far exceeding any other January over the past 20yrs  - see message screenshots below.

Broadcast Sent To Those Who Opt'd In For The Offer...

Due to the huge success of this promotion the restaurant has been booked up throughout January, which has meant not everybody was able to use their Voucher. The offer was available Monday to Friday.

Therefore we sent a Broadcast Message to all of those who claimed the voucher to let them know that the offer had been extended until 9th February (rather than 31st January) and this would give people extra time to make their booking.

They received this message inside of their own Facebook Messenger and as you can see below, we had very high open rates of 95%. When you compare these to email open rates, it's just insane right?! These open rates are very typical for all of our clients.

Check out message 3) below from our client after this Broadcast was sent out.

Image: Messages Delivered and Opened..

Some Of The Messages Sent To Us From Our Client Throughout The Promotion...

There's nothing we love more than getting amazing results for our clients with Messenger Marketing and Facebook Advertising. Receiving wonderful messages like these below just makes our day here at Ribbit (HQ) Ltd! 

We've also had lots of exciting conversations with our client too about revenue per day, etc - but we cannot disclose that information.

1) The day the offer went LIVE on Facebook, our phones were continuously pinging with opt-ins!

2) Update on how the Promotion was going 2 weeks in. Last year we didn't use a chatbot!

3) Message after we sent a Broadcast to the subscribers saying offer extended to 9th Feb.


This campaign was incredibly successful. Not only did it generate 2,276 opt-in, but the restaurant has had the busiest January they've had in 20 years! To receive a phone call from the owner informing us of this was just wonderful and it's why we love doing what we do...helping other businesses to grow using Facebook Advertising and of course Messenger Chatbots.

This isn't just a one-hit-wonder either. We have run 3 other very successful chatbot campaigns for them. The image below shows the number of Subscribers to each of these campaigns.

Even with the 56 Subscribers for the Xmas Party Nights, they went from Zero to 600 bookings within just 9 days.  This was in July 2017 and they generated £3,000 in deposits during these first 9 days to secure the bookings, with a total Ad Spend of just £118.86. Total revenue for the 600 bookings was £17,970!

Again, we used the Chatbot to generate interest and to share all the information and links for how to book. These are just the figures from the Ad Campaign launch, they completely sold out all of the Party Nights and even added 2 new dates, with no additional FB Ad Spend needed.

Are You Being Current With Your Marketing?

When you create a compelling offer and then combine it with using the latest Digital Technology and Facebook Advertising, who knows what can happen eh?!

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Meet Our Founder/CEO

Dorne McLoughlin

Dorne wanted to stand out from the crowd in her local area and therefore niched her business by offering Facebook Marketing & Advertising services. No other businesses in her small town were offering services that 'only' specialised in Facebook Marketing. But it wasn't long before Dorne soon became known as the 'Facebook-Go-To' person in her local area.

Since 2015 Dorne has run her own Facebook Marketing Workshops and has taught over 300 local business owners how to use Facebook for Business. Her largest audience was at Bolton Macron Football Stadium where she taught Facebook Video Marketing to over 1,000 people and streamed it live on Facebook (see video below...including bloopers live on stage)! 

FACEBOOK TRAINING: How to read the DATA on your Videos. LIVE f...

LIVE ON STAGE: FACEBOOK VIDEO MARKETING (sound kicks in at 3mins 21secs) Discover what amazing features you unlock when you stream Live to your Facebook BUSINESS page and NOT your Personal Profile. Your Facebook 'Business' page gives you an incredible amount of data, but more importantly, you can create an audience of people who have watched your video for 3secs, 10secs, 25%, 50%, 75% or 95% - which means you can then re-target these people with your FB Advertising campaigns, as they are now part of your 'warm' audience. ***UPDATE*** FREE KEYNOTE PRESENTATION AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD You can now get a FREE 4-part video series of the full Keynote Presentation from this LIVE event. It also includes extra training at the end that I didn't get the chance to cover at the Live Event. Head over to the Blog post >>> http://ribbitmediasolutions.com/video-marketing-facebook p.s. If you fancy a giggle when watching this LIVE Video, then scroll on to my BLOOPER video at approx. 38 minutes in Dorne x

Posted by Ribbit Media Solutions on Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dorne then went on to create a 10-module Facebook Marketing Online Course in 2016. She sold it....and then built it all in 8 weeks (Dorne will be the first to admit that lots of wine was drunk during this time of very late night and hours and hours of recording)!

There was even a Bonus training from the amazing Tom Breeze,  YouTube Ad Agency owner for big name brands (Viewability). Dorne was taught YouTube advertising by Tom in London back in 2014 and she knew that he was the man for the job when it came to all things Video!

2017....The Year of Chatbots!

Taking a break from the local workshops and online course creation for a while, Dorne started to focus her attention on building a Messenger Chatbot & Facebook Advertising Agency in early 2017. 

It was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego that Dorne started to hear the real buzz about Chatbots, and knew she had to dive straight in and learn this new way of marketing as soon as she returned home to the UK.  Since then Dorne has been eating, sleeping and breathing Messenger Chatbots and has been privileged to be a Beta Tester for new features that the ManyChat team plan to launch.

Messenger Chatbots, coupled with Facebook Advertising is one of the most powerful marketing combinations right now and our clients love being early adopters to this new way of connecting with potential customers and generating leads and sales for their business,  as you can see from just one of our Case Studies above.

Are YOU Ready To Embrace Messenger Chatbots?

Don't be the business who 'waits' to see if it works for others!

Whilst you're waiting, your competitors are embracing the new technology and reaping the rewards!

If you're looking for a Chatbot for your own business, then we can build it.

If you're  a Freelancer/Agency looking for one-to-one Chatbot Training to help you build bots, we can help you too!


Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from business to business, industry to industry and our Case Study above is to highlight how effective Messenger Chatbots and Facebook Advertising can be when you have all of the right components in place. 

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