6 Things You NEED To Know in 2017 - from Social Media Marketing World

6 Top Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World 2017

6 Things You NEED To Know in 2017

Is It Time To Re-Think Your Whole Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Well, these were the words that were spoken by Industry Leaders whilst at Social Media Marketing World 2017 and below I share just six takeaways from this awesome event.

Going to SMMW has been a goal of mine since 2014 and thankfully I was able to achieve it by heading out to San Diego on the 20th March 2017 for an entire week.

Behind The Scenes

Not only did I attend the event, but I was part of the Social Media Examiner team!

I got to hang out behind the scenes and find out what really goes in to putting on an event for over 3,000 people.

I loved the fact that Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner, was willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in with all the prep work - nothing was beneath him.

I've always thought that Mike was a humble kinda guy, but when he sat down to staple drinks vouchers with his team I was super impressed. 

We had so much fun, and it's the moments like this that I really appreciated being part of - as you can see in the picture below!

Social Media Marketing World

Going Above and Beyond

One thing I learnt for sure, the Customer Experience for each and every single person who attended this event was their No.1 focus.

People were flying in from all over the world to attend this prestigious event where Industry Leaders would be sharing all the latest Social Media trends for 2017 and beyond, and they didn't take this lightly!

Every single detail had been taken care of. The dedication and commitment that it took to pull off an event as big as this was nothing short of speculator - and I was incredibly grateful to be behind the scenes and witness the attention to detail.

My Takeaways

I didn't get the opportunity to attend all of the lessons due to being part of the SMMW team helping out, however, by Thursday lunchtime my rota had almost come to an end so I was able to spend part of Thursday and all day Friday binge watching as many lessons as I could.

I also have the Virtual Pass too, so I am still catching up on the lessons I were unable to see live.

Therefore, based upon the Lessons I did get to see I thought I would share my Top 6 Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2017 and I really want you to pay close attention to these.

​I didn't just write this blog post as a 'filler' blog. I wanted you to get massive value from it and really highlight the things that you need to pay attention to as you grow your business. I want you to stay ahead of the curve and know what to keep a close eye on so you can stay ahead of the curve.

I know we all like to skim read, and that's totally cool if you are able to absorb the information by 'skim-reading', but please do take on board these 6 takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2017 and make sure you give some thought as to how you can implement what I share below into your own business.

Also, don't forgot to register for the Socially Ribbitting News, as I will be sharing lots of "How To" lessons in the form of videos trainings.

Hanging Out With Online Industry Leaders

6 Takeaways From SMMW17

#1 The Facebook Algorithm

Mike Stelzner opened his Keynote presentation by talking about the 'dreaded' Facebook Algorithm and said "Algorithms are every Marketers nightmare"

I'm sure you're nodding your head and agreeing right now!

Let's Take A Look At The Facts Though: Facebook  want people to see quality content so that they keep coming back for more. Otherwise, there would be no more Facebook, right?!

We have to remember that Mark Zuckerberg’s number one priority is to make sure that we all have a great user experience by delivering content to our Newsfeed that we truly care about (yes, you as a person and not a marketer).

Which is why those very clever algorithms do their best to find us content we love (maybe not always though) and weed out the bad & the ugly stuff that pains us!

Facebook allow us to hide posts that irritate us, even from friends and family, we can ask why we're seeing certain Ads, we can report spammers and all kinds of other things to help us have a Newsfeed that shows us the things we really care about.

For us marketers it can be very frustrating when we see our reach declining month by month, year by year. (apart from a certain caveat, which I'll share below).

So What Do We Do About It?

Complaining ain’t going to solve the problem, and putting out the same kind of stuff that’s always gaining low reach ain’t going to solve the problem either.

As Mari Smith and Mike Stelzner said, amongst many other industry leaders, it's time to re-think EVERYTHING!!

Top 6 Social Media Tips For 2017

Let's take a look at your current posting habits.

Ask yourself these questions when posting to your Facebook Page:

  • Would I be interested in this post?
    If the answer is No, don't post it!
  • Would I be willing to put some advertising spend behind this post?
    If No, don't post it!
  • Are most of my posts Promotional?
    If Yes, stop being in constant sales mode and share more educational, helpful, entertaining posts, which in turn will generate more engagement, build your Know, Like and Trust...and turn in to more sales than you've ever had!
  • Do my images and videos have a Mobile App logo on?
    (e.g. Apps such as PicCollage, Diptic, Ripl, etc).
    If Yes, please don't be a cheap-skate and pay the few dollars to get these logos removed to look more professional. The one-off low fee is surely worth it right?
  • Am I always sharing other people's content?
    If Yes, time to get creative! Sharing other peoples content is a great way to keep your audience informed of latest trends and allows you to give your opinion on what other industry experts are saying. However, if you're not creating your own Blogs, FB Notes, FB Lives, Tutorials, Quote Images, etc then why would your audience see you as an authority and the expert in your Niche? Umm, makes you think eh?

So these are just a few things to think about with your posting habits.

Check out #3 below to find out how to get MORE reach!

#2 The Future Is Facebook Video And You NEED To Embrace It!

Without a doubt the biggest take away from Social Media Marketing World 2017 was that we all need to create more video, especially Facebook Live Videos. And yes, I'm including myself in this too!

I create tons of videos for my Online Courses and also for my Blogs, and although I do Facebook Live Videos I will certainly be putting a more strategic Live Video plan together for sharing my content  - so watch this space for more Live Lessons with tips and tricks to help you grow your business each week.

Video Statistics

There’s tons of statistics as to why Video is more favourable and also how video allows for larger percentages of buying decisions, over images alone.

It has been reported that globally, traffic from online videos will constitute over 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. (Cisco), and eMarketer estimates that by 2019, the total U.S. digital video advertising spend is projected to eclipse $14 billion — and nearly 50% of that figure ($6.86 billion) is attributed to mobile video.

Here’s just a few more statistics to think about with Facebook Video, and these are continuously on the rise too…..

  • 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched every single day
  • 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound, therefore captions are important to help engagement. 
  • Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos

View Length

Something that you may want to keep a close eye on is the video view length.

It's been reported that Facebook will be rewarding those with longer view times and are wanting us to create videos up to 30 minutes in length and keep our audiences attention.

You’re now probably thinking “yeah right, fat chance of people watching a 30 minute video” - well, let's just think about this for a minute.

When you build up a loyal following of fans who hang off your every word, and you're constantly providing valuable content for them, maybe this isn’t such a pipe dream after all.

This may not happen in the first month, or even by month 6 - but with consistent valuable content you're now starting to build your tribe of loyal followers who will watch your videos if they're 30 minutes or 3 hours - your super fans will love you! 

These super fans will soon turn into your most loyal fans, then your most loyal 'paying customers'.

Video Retargeting 

And just think about those re-targeting Audiences you can create for your Ads.

These longer watch times will generate HOT leads for your targeted Ads to a 95% watched audience, increasing relevancy scores and resulting in cheaper Ad Spend!! 

This can totally be achievable, right - with consistency and valuable content?!

If you're doubting this, then check out Tip #5 below - as you need to have this mindset.

Check Out The Resources From The Ribbit Blog Below:
- Learn how to create your very own Custom Audiences for retargeting. 
- Learn how to add Captions to your Facebook Live Videos

#3 Use The Strategies That Get You More Organic (FREE) Reach on Facebook

If I told you there’s a great way to reach more of your Facebook Fans for FREE you’d jump at the chance to do it right?

Well there is a way, and by now you may have already guessed what it is. That's right.....

Facebook Live Advertising

I want you to think about where you’ve seen Facebook Live advertising recently?

If you’ve not noticed any Facebook Live Ads then maybe you’ve been living under a tree - Facebook Live Ads are on our TV screens, in Tube Stations, Train Stains, Airports, etc…..all in the attempt to get the ‘everyday’ person to Go Live and be aware of Facebook Live.

Imagine what this will have cost them in Advertising spend? Millions!

Not only are they investing heavily in Advertising, they have paid millions (and still do) to Celebrities, Industry Leaders and Big Brands to use Facebook Live and also to test new features.

If you remember back to pre-April 2016, it was only high profiles names, brands, verified pages and celebrities that could go Live on Facebook, then slowly but surely they rolled this out to the everyday user.

Facebook Live is a huge investment for Facebook and they are going for global domination!

As if we didn't know that already right?!

What Does This Mean For You?

There’s no two ways about it, you need to make Facebook Live part of your business strategy, and NOW is the time for you to take action.

You’ll be surprised at how many big Brands still don’t use Facebook Live as part of their Marketing Strategy, and that’s because of all the hierarchy from start to finish.

However, Facebook Live is on their radar and these big brands are looking at ways to introduce it to their business on a consistent 'high-level' basis at a much faster speed.

Dennis Yu recently posted the following on Facebook: "The smartest agencies I know have more VIDEO EDITORS on staff than any other skill set. Why? Because their clients need more video than images, copy, websites, engineering, or whatever. Get with the times or be left behind complaining about FB, just like the yellow pages and radio folks complained about the Internet"!

Dennis Yu 

Take Action! NOW really is the time for the Solopreneuer and Small Business owner to jump all over this opportunity to get more organic reach with Facebook Live.

Plan out your Facebook Live Videos so that you can consistently educate, entertain and add value to the lives of your Ideal Customer, so they get to Know, Like & Trust you  - which will ultimately help you to turn them in to prospects, clients and paying customers!

Make this a priority before the big brands get their hands all over it and swamp the newsfeed and drive organic Facebook Live Video reach down and no doubt Video Ad costs up!

Check Out The Resources From The Ribbit Blog Below: 

If you're stuck for Video Content Ideas for your audience, check out the blog post I created with a video tutorial, you'll love this amazing FREE tool to help you create your consistent Live Video strategy planing.

#4 Take Facebook Live Streaming Seriously In 2017 For Business Growth

Now you know that Facebook Live Video will allow you to get more organic (Free) Reach, it’s time to think about the various ways in which you go Live on your Business page.

One thing that Mari Smith mentioned was, the demand for more 'quality' Live Videos will be on the increase.

 At the moment we can still get away with the more 'home-grown look, but the more people accept Facebook Live video as part of their daily lives, the expectation for quality will be on the rise.

This doesn't mean you can no longer show your true authentic self, as people like to see that you're human and that you're real - so it's not a case of changing who you are, but thinking more about the actual quality of your video production - sound, lighting, video quality, background, etc.

Of course there are going to be times when you are going to grab your phone and just go Live, but creating a plan for your Facebook Lives will be the core of your business strategy for growth for video.

The 4 Levels of Facebook Live Streaming

So now you know that video quality is going to play a big part in your overall long-term Facebook Live strategy, here's what Luria Petrucci from Geekslife shared at Social Media Marketing World about the 4 Levels of Video Quality, and this was also backed up by Mari Smith with regards to how this will affect your organic reach over time.

Facebook will eventually want business owners to be producing Level 4 Facebook Lives for their audiences and it will be 'valuable content' coupled with 'quality videos' that will win overall.......Facebook TV is around the corner and it all starts here! 

The good news for now is that they know there’s still lots of businesses that need to get on the Live Streaming bandwagon, so they’re not tightening up the algorithm for Facebook Lives….yet! (again, depending when you’re reading this).

If you're new to the whole world of Facebook Live and you're now thinking "holy crap I'm doomed", don't run a mile just yet as you're going to be taking baby steps for now and that's totally ok, so carry on reading - you need to know this stuff.

Let’s take a look at these 4 levels

(source: Geekslife with a splash of my own stuff too)

Level One: The Selfie Live Video Stream

The Selfie Stream is a Level 1 Video where you just hold the phone with your hand, like you’re taking a selfie!

This can result in shaky-camera footage, and yes I still do this now if I want to jump on live and I haven't got a selfie stick or tripod with me. However, I do like to carry my lapel microphone in my bag as I know this makes a huge difference to your video.

However, if you’re going to be going LIVE on Facebook as a regular feature then you certainly want to invest in the right kind of equipment, which will then move you into Level 2.

Even if you're brand new to Facebook Live and you're taking baby steps, you can still pick up something cheap and cheerful to keep your Camera still.

Level Two: Phone + Extra Gear

Level 2 is where you now want to start adding a microphone, a light and a tripod to stabilise your phone. This will allow for a more professional video and your audience will certainly be able to tell the difference now.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and spend a ton of money.

You can find great quality microphones, lights and a tripod stands on amazon for less than $100 (or even less than $50)! However, the end result will certainly be worth it…..plus, not only will it stop you from having arm ache, the microphone will allow people to hear you clearly, and the lighting will make you look fabulous too!

Worth it right?

Level Three: Live from a computer

Level 3 is when you go live from your Desktop.

Facebook Desktop: Depending on when you’re reading this will depend on whether you have the built-in Facebook Live feature on your Business page.

It’s quite limiting in the fact that you can’t do screenshares and it uses your built-in PC/Mac Camera and Microphone, rather than external devices. But if you’re looking for stability and don’t want to use your phone, then this is a great option. (Maybe this will change over time and they'll add more features).

Third Party Tools For Facebook Lives: These are great to add a more professional look to your Facebook Live streams. Depending on which software you choose you can add lower thirds to your screen (adding names, logos, etc), adding video clips and even have interviews with people that are in a different location than you.

However, some of them can be quite techy and not that easy to set up.

BeLive.tv: Personally I think the easiest one to use is by far BeLive.tv, which is a browser based option.

Not only is it easy to connect your Pages, Group, Events, it also allows you to Schedule a Live Broadcast so that you can let your audience know in advance that you’re going Live and they can then click on the Get Reminder button.

At the moment www.belive.tv is a FREE app, however, there will be a paid version coming out soon (or it maybe out as you're reading this) that will allow you to remove their Watermark logo, brand it in your own colours, add your Logo and also do a screenshare - I’m looking forward to seeing more about this, as they really know how to keep things simple! And we love simple when it comes to tech right?

The tech geeks don’t really recommend this option, due to Level Three being more about Personal Branding, looking more Pro, plus they mention that browser based options can sometimes set your computer fan going into overdrive and make it noisy in the background. I can’t say this has hindered my Live Streams using BeLive.tv, but it may depend on your own PC and the age of it.

OBS: The other Third Party Live Steaming Tool I have used is OBS. This is not for the faint hearted, as it certainly needs lots of concentration to get this set up each time you use it, but once you get the hang of it then it’s actually a really great piece of Software and it allows you to have multiple features going on at any one time.

This is completely FREE and for a free piece of software it certainly offers a professional look for your viewers, as long as you have the patience to go through the learning curve.

Remember, persistence will prevail though.

Wirecast, BlueJeans, Switcher Studio, etc: There are other PAID options for Facebook Live Steaming that will take the quality of your video up a notch, but again there’s a learning curve to be had with all of them too. So certainly do your research into the ones that feel right for you.

So, if you’re good with technology and software, give Level 3 a try. However, I'd say that BeLive.tv is achievable for all levels, even the most technically challenged.

Level Four: TV quality from a dedicated streaming system

Level four is what GeeksLife call TV Quality and they use  Livestream.com for all their own Live Streaming Broadcasts.

Not only do GeeksLife use it for their daily live streams, but it's used by the likes of CNN and all the “big boys” use it too. While it’s definitely an investment, it’s going to be the BEST quality you can get! It can do everything Level 3 can do, plus all the bells and whistles. You can really customise everything to meet your brand and present a highly professional stream.

It’s said that you won’t have the same kind of frustrations as Level 3, as the companies who build these machines at Level Four, like Livestream.com keeps the software up to date and running properly. So that stuff isn’t reliant on YOU.

In Summary

Although this is great advice from Luria and it was interesting to see Facebook Live categorised in to 4 levels,  just think about where you’re at right now in your business.

If you’ve never even attempted to do a Facebook Live video then don’t start at Level 3 or 4, or even Level 2. Just simply get your phone out and get going.

You can still attempt to make sure you're in good lighting and maybe prop your phone up so you don't get arm ache and keep swapping hands, but you're not going for Level 4 status just yet.

The first few Videos you do are not going to be your best piece of work, but don't sweat it, everybody has to have a first one right?

Get used to being on camera, you may not even want to shout it from the rooftops to start with - just practice on a small audience and the more you grow in confidence, you can then start moving your way up through the Levels and then create more buzz around your Facebook Lives to get more people showing up to your Live.

Sound good? Ok, let’s move on to getting KNOWN.

Check Out The Resources From The Ribbit Blog Below: 

I have a whole Module in my Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program which is dedicated to The Power of Facebook Video.

The Full Access program opens three times each year and is due to open again in May 2017. You can however register for some FREE videos and you'll then be notified when the program doors open for enrolment. See resources below.

#5 Have a 30 Month Mindset

What does it take to become KNOWN?

KNOWN, meaning someone who starts to become recognised as an Authority within their niche, a trusted Go-To person, an Industry Leader.

Well, after interviewing over 100 Entrepreneurs for his latest book, Mark Schaefer discovered that it took on average 30 months to become KNOWN.

From my own experience and the Online Entrepreneurs that I have connected with, I’d certainly agree with this statistic too.

I’ll also admit that when I first got started online in 2014 I thought this ‘online business stuff’ was going to be ‘easy’ and that I’d be a millionaire within 6 months…..haha, it makes me laugh now (and kinda cringe), but somehow when we get started online we’re led to believe that this is all true.

So, let’s bring ourselves back from 2005 and in to the REAL world of 2017.

There’s no such think as ‘Get Rich Quick’ or ‘Easy’ - it takes a great deal of hard work, learning, implementing and consistency to build a business and become KNOWN.

I've been putting in between 10 and sometimes 20hr days since 2014 to build my business and brand (and I've got the wrinkles to prove it...haha) - but I know that with hard work and consistency that I would make my business work.

This was another BIG message that many of the leaders where talking about at Social Media Marketing World - hard work, consistency, creating value and having PATIENCE!

Doing Things To Become KNOWN

Sometimes it can be the simple things that make you become KNOWN.

When I bought Mark Schaefers book KNOWN, I was laid in the bath reading the first few pages and just knew that I was going to love the book. I took a picture of the book (not with me in the bath may I add - hee-hee) and next to it I placed my Ribbit bookmark that my daughter had made.

I uploaded the photo to Facebook and tagged Mark Schaefer and said "thank you for writing this book, it's a game-changer in the way to think about the way we do business".

Mark replied saying thank you, but also "how much did my daughter charge for making him a Bookmark" - so my daughter Grace decided to make Mark a bookmark and I took a photo and tagged him again on Facebook.

​I couldn't believe it when he made a personal video just for Grace. Check it out below....

And here's me personally handing the Bookmark to Mark himself in San Diego!

I never really meant for this to be part of a getting 'KNOWN' story, but it wasn't until Mark sent the video to Grace that I thought......WOW, I am now KNOWN by Mark Schaefer, and this is a great example of what he actually shares and teaches in his book!

More From Mark's Keynote Presentation

During Mark's keynote presentation he asked the audience “can anybody become KNOWN” and his answer was “maybe”!

So why “maybe” and not “definitely”?

This will all depend on YOU and if you’re creating the right type of content for your audience and making sure that you are always working on ways to create your own unique point of difference.

Are you in a saturated market?

In other words, if you were to put the Keyword that represents your niche into Google what data would it give you?

  • If it brings up a search of more than 1 million pages, then you're in a saturated niche - this is where you either have to rethink your niche, or you have to get creative and stand out from the crowd by doing only what YOU can do.

    How can you have a point of difference and not be like everyone else?

​Dr Suess said it best with:
"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You".

  • If your Google search on your Keyword brings up less than 500,000 pages of search results then you're on to a winner!

So basically I’m totally screwed, as Facebook brought up more than 17 million searches in Google (haha)

I'm going with the Dr Suess quote though and sticking to it!

I didn't want to be KNOWN for 'just' doing the whole "FB Ads Expert" tagline - as there's a shiz load of people out there doing that.

Why learn about Facebook Ads if you're not even creating the right type of content?

I have 10 Modules in my Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program and the 10th Module is then Facebook Ads, the rest focuses on what it takes to make sure you know exactly WHO and WHAT you're creating in order to have more success when you do get into Facebook Ads.

See the resources below if you'd like to check out the program and see each of the lessons.

We also have fun in the Private Members Facebook Group, we have Live Q&A sessions twice a month, I shoot extra videos for people in the Group who ask questions - even if it's not a Facebook question, we get it covered in the Private Members Area!

Going the 'extra-mile' is what will get you KNOWN.....why?

Because there's no better marketing than 'Word of Mouth' and 'Testimonials'. With my second launch of my online program I generated most of my sales from 'word-of-mouth'  and me doing Facebook Lives! (My first launch was a Beta program for a select group of Founding Members, I sold the program and then created it).

So, don’t let the Google stats completely discourage you if it suggests that you're in a saturated Industry - but it’s always good to pay attention to the data and think what your point of difference is and how you can be of more value by going above and beyond (like the guys at Social Media Marketing World too) and what will separate your from a busy crowd.

This is what Mark suggested in his Keynote presentation, and also in his book. ​

Are you prepared to have a 30 Month Mindset?

Maybe you're not that far off and if that's the case.....

"Just Keep Swimming" - Dory the Fish

Check Out The Resources From The Ribbit Blog Below: 

I have linked to the book KNOWN in the resources.

#6 Artificial Intelligence & The Facebook Messenger Bot

There’s lots more than came out of the Social Media Marketing World 2017 conference, but let’s just finish with Artificial Intelligence and Facebook Bots.

You only have to type into Google “Facebook Messenger Bots 2017” and it brings up a search result of over 13 million pages (at the time of writing this blog).

If you were to type in “Artificial Intelligence 2017” it brings up over 32 million pages as a search result.

What Does This Mean For You?

Pay attention NOW, don’t bury your head in the ground and think it’s a load of futuristic gobbledygook!

It’s happening and surely you want to be part of this disruptive crowd right?

Don’t look back in 2020 and say "Crap, I wish I’d taken Dorne’s advice in that bloody long blog post she did back in 2017 and taken more notice of  AI and Bots”…haha!

Facebook Bots

Since arriving home from Social Media Marketing World I've been setting up and testing my new Facebook Bot and it's just I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.

I'll share more once I've done my testing and I know how it all works, but be prepared to be amazed. This is Social Customer Care on steroids, not to mention automation at its best!

Messenger Bots are certainly going to be more of a hot topic for 2017 and there will be companies competing to bring out the simplest most cost effective software to let the 'non-techy' person get started with ease.

Be In The Know! 

I’m going to do my best to stay ahead of What’s New with AI & Messenger Bots, so be sure to go to register for the Socially Ribbitting News below so that you can stay ahead of the game and get these updates sent to your Inbox each and every week!

Together we can always be at the cutting edge of our Digital World!

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What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about this round-up? Are you excited?

It could be that you feel overwhelmed by the pressure of video, artificial intelligence and messenger bots - but just learn a little each day and embrace with digital world we live in.

Think where you'll be in another 12 months, 3yrs, 5yrs if you learn a little each day, rather then burying your head in the ground - you'll be way ahead of the curve right?

I will do my best to share as much as I can to make your digital experiences a smooth one and if you didn't already register above for the Socially Ribbitting News then you may want to join so you can let me help you with new tutorials and updates each week.

Social Media Marketing World 2018 - are you going? If so then maybe I'll see you there!


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- Make sure you're creating content that you know is of value. Although Video is HOT right now, you might want to check out how to create a Facebook Note, as in this tutorial I show you how to embed a video into your Facebook Note - Click Here

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- How to Add Captions to your Facebook Videos - Click Here

- How to create a Custom Audience for Video, how to read the Data from your Video, how to Edit your video and also how to repurpose your video on other Social Media Channels (this is an epic Training Blog I did one)  - Click Here​

Resources From # 3

- Get Lots of Content Creation Ideas Using This Cool FREE Tool - Click Here

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- Find out more about my Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program - Click Here

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- About Mark Schaefer - Click Here

- Get the book KNOWN - Click Here

Resources From # 6

- Don't forget to register for the Socially Ribbitting News each week by adding you name and email below!

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