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Facebook has been a marketing giant and a business-sphere for entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners from all around the globe.

It seems absolutely incredulous when you start thinking about a nutshell, Facebook is now in itself a huge universe with real "human beings" living in there - connecting with each other, sharing their personal details, interests, chatting to friends or family, celebrating, sharing their moments and thoughts with the world and...with Facebook.

Makes me feel "wow"!

The great news for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Small Businesses and Marketers is that this social giant is actively developing means to bring in smart marketing and advertising solutions, that neither feel spammy to the end consumer and nor are a gamble for the marketer.

Recently, we all have been hearing the buzz about Facebook's Audience Insights tool. You hear it's amazing, it lets you do this and that and what not..... but really, what does it let you accomplish when it comes to marketing and advertising?

If you are anything goal oriented, profit oriented (bling bling bling), determined to reach your "ideal consumers" only and serve them the best value then the Facebook Audience Insights tool is THE PERFECT thing Facebook crafted for amazing and determined folks like yourself.

With Facebook Audience insights tool, you can research extensively on your audience, then craft content and offers that they prefer most. In other words, if businesses were experiencing weak-sightedness issues, Facebook just offered you a lens so you can view the Facebook-world all crystal clear.

Interested? I bet you are.

So, lets get to the real talk...In this article you are going to learn about how you can leverage the power of Audience Insights towards crafting the perfect content for your audience and optimising it the same.

I am Not Convinced, Tell me More. What's all the Fuss About?...

Well, I hear are a curious soul...! Great!

So the Audience Insights Tool is just what the name says - it gives you massive insight into your audience. Facebook's initial intention with this tool was to optimise ads targeting, but this also provides a whole informational treasure about your audience, competitors audience and more (there's always a 'more' with Facebook,right! Ha!).

You can either analyse your page audience, or you can segment everybody living on planet-Facebook and analyse that segment.

Here are a few smart ways you can leverage the power of audience insights and not only gather ad-data, but also craft highly optimised content for increased engagement and organic reach.

Tip # 1: Put Lifestyle statistics under a magnifying glass!

Audience insights, lets you have a (real good!) peek at the lifestyle and habits of your audience/segment. These functions are more like mini-profiles, however, you have to give Facebook the initial demographics to start with (such as, location, gender, interest, etc).

To get a quick idea, you can imagine this feature as more of a BIG PICTURE overview of your audience.

​Now as you can see the percentage and audience-segment-title, you'd be able to quickly picture how you can serve them best. "Lavish lifestyle" families may not be interested in the same content as"Apple-Pie"families, so you'd want to understand which segment is of interest to you or if both are, then how to develop content addressing their unique needs and preferences.

Remember, you are putting all this hard work in so you can attract and engage your ideal community.

When it comes to crafting optimised and high converting marketing campaigns, it all depends on developing and crafting the optimal audience profile - the key question being..."who are your ideal customers?".

The more you know about your ideal customers, the better you can put yourself in their shoes and be able to offer them value that they desire - in return they are going to come back to you, engage with you and-guess what? They would love you!

Tip # 2: Go Sherlock Holmes on ‘Page Likes’ Category​!

The gold mine in audience insights is the "page likes" tab. You will find all about the"interests" and hangout places of your audience. Imagine it as more like a business report on all the difference interests your audience has.

Why is this important?

Well, for one you can add more value to anything you create and share with your audience and you would be able to craft highly targeted ad-campaigns with sky-rocketing conversion rates.

Page Likes tab lets you take a good look inside 'heads' of your audience. You can combine this info with the general overview collected from the Demographics tab (Lifestyle) and you will have a wonderful looking audience profile.

You would literally know all about their political affiliations, organisations or causes they support, where they like to go out shopping, any popping media outlets they stalk or what applications they use most often.

"It is without a doubt a mine of pure gold"

If you haven't ever gone mining there, then you don't know what you are missing - but take it from us: YOU ARE MISSING A LOT.

​Tip # 3: The Game Changer Deal!

Every marketer's or business owner's dream is to...any guesses?

Well, it is to have that dreamy "organic reach" and attract high engagement. Who doesn't want more likes, comments and shares? I certainly do and I am sure that you do too!

Now, audience insights has something to help you around that milestone as lets you see how a particular audience (or segment) interacts with the content being shared on Facebook – i.e. how much they comment or share or like or, better, click on ads!

This is like a marketer’s dream statistic, before any such tool existed it was mostly a trial-and-error method that marketers and businesses were using. They would test a thing and see how their audience corresponds but now, they can take a good look into what their audience's behaviour is and go from there.

Combine this behaviour insight with all of the great features (discussed above) and you have a power packed, optimised content or offer or ad that would bring in engagement and ideal clients/customers.

Now, there's more to audience insights than that – one amazing feature that you are going to love is the “Purchase” tab, explore that now and share below in comments about your experience with audience insights tool!

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