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How to Blog Using Your Facebook Business Page

Have you heard of Facebook Notes?

If not, then you are in for a real treat. 

Lots of the members inside of my training program were blown away when I showed them how to create a Facebook Note, which is essentially like Blogging on your Facebook Business Page.

What Can You Do With Facebook Notes?

The Facebook Note creates a more visually stimulating and interesting post by allowing you to do the following......

  • Showcase a stunning image for your Note (Image Size: 1200 x 445)
  • Have a large text Header to grab attention
  • Use Sub Headers
  • Use features such as Bold, Italic, Bullet Points,
  • Add images that align to the Left, Right or Centre.
  • Wrap text around your images to create a website blog effect
  • Add highlighted text areas to make words, sentences, paragraphs stand out
  • Embed Videos from YouTube, Vimeo 
  • Embed Podcasts or Soundbites from Soundcloud
  • You can embed your Facebook Lives or other Facebook Posts
  • Embed animated Gifs
  • Add clickable links and Call To Actions 

Has this amazing list of features left you intrigued to find out more? I hope so!

It's certainly an under-utilised feature within the Facebook Business Page.

Boost Not Available (yet)

The only negative I would say about the Facebook Note is that there isn't a blue 'Boost' button on Facebook Notes. Which means we can't go into Ads Manager or Power Editor and create an Ad Campaign to Boost the Facebook Note. However, never say never! 

The Facebook Note has had a MAJOR facelift since it's inception and surely they can't make something look so awesome without having a monetisation plan behind it. 

So who knows, but one thing is for sure - you will be one of the first to find out if (or when) it does happen!

Having said that, even though we cannot drive paid traffic to the Facebook Note (at the moment), I still think it's a great way to create awesome content for your audience and it will allow you to get your creative juices flowing.

Create Your Own Facebook Note Today!

This tutorial is taken from the Content Creation Module of our signature Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program, and I wanted to share it with you today so that you can look at new ways to provide more value to your own tribe!

Click the screen below to watch the tutorial

What Are Your Thoughts?

I think the Facebook Note is a fabulous way to add more value to your audience, don't you?

Pro Tip: If you don't have a strategy for creating blog content, CLICK HERE to use this awesome FREE tool to help you with ideas.  Then list at least 30 topics that you could write about using your Facebook Note.

Enjoy creating your Facebook Notes and please share this with those you know it will help too.

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