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How To Find Content Ideas

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Do you ever find yourself scratching your head for content ideas?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

It can be tough at times to keep churning out amazing informative and helpful content that your audience will love week in and week out. 

But with this amazing FREE research tool called Answer The Public, you should be able to come up with endless streams of content.

The creators of Answer The Public have taken the auto suggest results provided by Google and Bing and built a simple visualisation of all the data.

Finding Answers To Our Questions

It's very natural for us to head straight over to Google when we have a question that needs answering right?

We tell Google what our problem is in the hope of getting the solution thrown back out for us.

But this is where Answer The Public makes the search experience incredible for you.

​By entering any Keyword into Answer The Public, it will populate those frequently asked questions from Google and Bing and within seconds you will have your easy to read visual diagram.

The questions are split into categories of >> Where, Who, What, When, Why, How and Are.

You can even save and download your Keyword wheel (as shown below) and print it out so you can use it as a working document.

How To Create and Endless Stream of Content

Awesome right?

Here are just a few examples of the questions above that were pulled out from the keyword search "stress".....

  • Why stress is good for you
  • How stress affects learning
  • What stress does to your heart

Pro Tip: Using the example above, if Stress was just one topic that you taught, you could create a 30 day challenge to help beat stress and each day talk about 30 questions that you have in your Diagram wheel. 

These people are looking for answers to these questions, which means it's your job to create a solution.

Brain-dump Your New Ideas

By now you will be feeling super excited with all the questions you see before your eyes and how you can help your audience. However, now would be a great time to grab a notepad (keep it simple) and do a brain-dump of all the ideas that are swirling around in your head.

Get Creative: Challenges you could create, monthly topics you could cover, will you cover 5 questions over 5 days, or will you choose a topic that you will always cover on a certain day of the week, etc. 

By using Answer The Public you not only have a wonderful visual chart to follow, but you can now start taking this to another level by allowing your creative juices to flow and start planning ahead.

Get Started

To learn how to use Answer The Public watch the quick tutorial I prepared for you below.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you watch the video above on how to use and are you excited to get started?

Please share your thoughts below and good luck with having endless ideas for your content creation to help your audience.....maybe your new problem is that you have too many ideas!!

Ha-ha  (time to get a V.A. eh?)!

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Audrey Woodley - March 4, 2017 Reply

Yes, this really helped me to narrow down my content and think of things that my ideal customer may like. Great job!

Dorne - March 17, 2017 Reply

It’s an awesome FREE tool isn’t it Audrey! One of those golden nuggets you come across that make a HUGE difference to the way you think about content creation, as now you have all the answers in front of your from your Ideal Customers!

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