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A Cool Facebook Ads Targeting Hack

A Cool Facebook Ad Targeting Hack

This Targeting Hack Will Help You Create More Highly Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns!

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When it comes to advertising on Facebook, knowing your ideal customer is so important.

But it's even more important to put in the work and do the research. This is where you will then find what's known as 'the low hanging fruit' so you can create more highly targeted Ad Campaigns that your audience will love!

You can say all the right things, for all the right reasons, but if you're talking to the wrong person it will never matter!

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What does 'low-hanging-fruit' mean?

It's means we're looking for the 'not so obvious' targeting options.

We want to take the obvious well known names, businesses, brands, etc and then start drilling down to find our vein of gold - the customers who have a desire and need for what we have.

If you're too broad then our message becomes diluted and when we try to speak to everyone, we end up speaking to no one!​

Also, when we get the right message to the RIGHT people Facebook rewards us for this with High Relevancy scores, which result in more reach and lower costs per action. So this is why you need to do the work right?!

Let's look at this example

Who Are We? 
We're a specialised sports travel company

What Is Our Goal?
To sell our Golf Package to Golfers who want to attend the next US Masters.

Who do we want to target? 
Golfers who have the funds to book a luxury golf holiday to the US Masters

Let's Find The Low Hanging Fruit

1. Tiger Woods.  Audience Size =  4,661,440

Most people have heard of Tiger Woods. So would using Tiger as our target audience enable us to sell our luxury golf package? We want the Golf fanatics to get in touch with us to find out more, would this audience work?

I guess we'd have to split test to find out, and add different layered targeting options in - but we're looking for the low hanging fruit remember!

2. Rory Mcllroy.  Audience Size = 1,448,060

Although lots of people will have heard of Rory, not everyone may know who he is. He could still be a bit too broad, but with an audience of 1.4 million we're now starting to move down the 'well-known-by-all' chain. We want to dig deeper!

Again, I'm not saying don't test Rory, as it's worth trying out with more layered targeting options. Example: location, age, using the narrow audience option whereby they have to like Rory 'AND' another interest, etc. 

3. Dustin Johnson.  Audience Size = 329,620

I actually had to google this guy! (Sorry Dustin)

Although my husband is a keen golfer and he goes on golfing holidays every year (or 'trips' as he likes to call them, as he doesn't want me thinking a 'trip' to Portugal is a 'holiday' - it's a tough 'trip' carrying a heavy bag around a luxury golf resort for 4 days - haha).

Anyway, I digress - but, I had no idea who this guy was until I did the google search for Professional Golfers.

BOOM! Your Low Hanging Fruit

By choosing Dustin as one of your Targeting options, you know that when your Ad Campaign hits the Newsfeed of this audience your message will be heard loud and clear and interest will be 'piqued' - rather than going unnoticed in the Newsfeed of a broad audience of Tiger Wood fans.

Get Started With This Cool Targeting Hack!

Time to start digging deeper and find pages that have a similar audience to that of the well known names, businesses, brands, etc in your niche.

In the video below I will show you a very simple, yet highly effective way of doing this.

Be Prepared: Before you get started be sure to have a Google Doc open, Word Doc or a Notepad and pen  - as you're going to want to create yourself a list of all the Pages that show up for you so you can then use these Facebook Pages in your Facebook Ad targeting.

Click the video below to get started:

A Facebook Page Targeting Caveat:

Depending on the size of their Facebook Audience will depend whether it shows up as a targeting option. However, make a note of lots of Facebook Pages and you can check for this when creating your Ads.​

Usually it allows you to target pages that have an audience of 50,000​ or more  - but in some instances it can be smaller and still allow you to target the page, or you may find some big audiences are not pulling through. That's just Facebook for ya! 

Did you try it out?

Did you try this out for yourself?

If so you'll see how easy and cool this is right.

This isn't just great for Facebook Ad Targeting, but it could be that you come across some great content whilst doing your research and therefore you can share this with your own audience - or it could inspire you to create content for yourself!

Enjoy finding your 'low-hanging-fruit'!

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