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Facebook for Business Set Up July 2016

Let 2017 be the year that you Explode Your BRAND on Facebook and start getting more Customers, Clients and Prospects!




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A Facebook Program Created For The Home Based Entrepreneur

Learn How To Create Valuable Content And Market It To An Audience Of People That Chase YOU, And Not The Other Way Around!

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Don't Mistake This For 'Just Another' Facebook Course

Hear what the Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program has done for Stacey, Founding Member

"I've had no engagement from my Business Page in 2yrs. And then Dorne came along with this program"!

Become An Authority Within Your Industry!

The Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program has been carefully created and designed for those who want to create their own unique Personal Brand, Lead with maximum Value and become known as an Industry Leader within their niche!

Below you will discover what you can expect from the10-Module Program, which includes BONUSES, updated course material 3 times a year with Annual Access.
Including a Facebook support group with Live Q&A's.


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Enrolment is now open and closes on Sunday 5th February 2017

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Totally mind blown by this course!

Totally mind blown by this course and learning so much. Comprehensive, well organised, well presented and so useful. Dorne McLoughlin, you're an absolute star! xx


Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Live Facebook Q&A

Amazing amazing amazing Live Facebook Q&A call. I'm not going to be able to sleep again. I'm waaaaaaaay too excited!!! Thanks so much Dorne!

I'm so glad my friend was watching a FB Live one day, otherwise I wouldn't have even come across you!

"What a great speaker. So full of great information"

What To Expect From The Program

This in-depth program contains all the tools, resources and support you need to attract more customers, clients and prospects so you can Explode Your BRAND on Facebook with more Reach, Engagement and ultimately get more customers, prospects and sales!

What's Included:

  • Access to all 10-Modules for a full 12-months
  • Updates to the program 3-times per year (keeping you updated as Facebook changes and evolves)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A Calls in the Private Facebook Group to answer your questions and keep you updated with new Facebook features 
  • Bonus Modules from well-known industry leaders

That's Right! You have access for an entire year with multiple updates to keep you up to speed with the latest Facebook changes, Bonus Training from Industry Leaders and Facebook Support with Live Q&As

Our Facebook Q&A Calls

Live Support With Members


Fun Q&A With Facebook Masks

(1hr 15mins)

All this for a one-time annual cost and no monthly fees!

Payment plan options will also be available.


Customer Avatar

Without a doubt this is the most critically important piece of your marketing success - knowing WHO your Ideal Customer Avatar is.

No amount of great content is going to generate sales if you are attempting to sell to everyone and trying to solve a problem that people just don't have. 

In this Module we dive into creating your Ideal Customer Avatar with a character persona.

Once you have defined your Ideal Customer, creating valuable content for them will become a breeze.

Your message will be connecting with those that you can help with your products, service or opportunity - which in turn will generate more engagement with your posts to keep them coming back for more. 


Wouldn't have worked it out without your clear & concise training

Hi Dorne, hope you don't mind me sending you my Customer Avatar story. I wouldn't have worked it out without your clear and concise training. Thank You xx

Marie Founder: Be-you-utiful Everyday

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Facebook Setup

Whether you already have a Facebook Business Page, or you haven't yet created your Business page - this Module will ensure you are set up for success!

What does this mean?  For example, is your Facebook Business Page google indexed? Have you claimed your Unique vanity URL?

Also, do you know how to stop people from spamming your Facebook posts with their Links? ​ Or how to remove Page Likes from your Page from others within the same Business as you? (you'll learn why this isn't good for your Business Page).

Plus many more ways to ensure your Facebook Business is set up for success!

Brand You

In this Module you will learn the 12 Step Approach To Being Brand You. 

The Brand You Module is the one where lots of members have had 'light-bulb' moments.

So often those new to being a Home Based Entrepreneur through Network Marketing will brand themselves as the company they are affiliated with.

There's nothing wrong with being proud of the business that you represent, however, in a very noisy world you need to learn to stand out from the crowd and be BRAND YOU.

Not only will you learn about being BRAND YOU in this Module, you'll know exactly how to create a professional mobile responsive Timeline cover and Profile for your Business.

Below is a message that I recently received from a Founding Member after they'd implemented the training from this Module.


I have a Theme, a Brand and it's 100% me. Thank you!

Marie - CEO/Founder

This, my lovely, is all thanks to you. I'm actually loving how my page looks. I have a theme, a brand and it 100% is me. My consistency is also getting me sales!!

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Content Hacking

Research! Research! Research! 

This is the part that most business owners miss out (along with the Ideal Avatar) as they believe they don't have the time to dig deep and do the research.

One comment I hear time and time again is? 

"I don't know what to post on my Facebook Business Page"

Once you've done the Content Hacking module you will know where to look to find the veins of gold for your business!

Once you have defined your Ideal Customer Avatar you will use the Content Hacking module to find the Facebook Pages they follow, the websites they love, the  blogs they read, the videos they watch, the people they admire, resources they use - you'll have endless amounts of ideas to share with your Facebook fans!

"Research Is Creating New Knowledge"  - Neil Armstrong

Content Creation

Are you following the 80/20 Rule? 

If you were to look at your Facebook Business Page today, what ratio of 'selling' would you have against 'non-selling' posts?

How did you do? 

If 80% of your posts are selling and you lack in engagement - maybe there lies your answer. 

In this Module you will learn the importance of the 80/20 rule and how you can create content to increase your engagement and generate more sales, leads and prospects.

"Help! I don't know what to post"

This is something that I hear time and time again in my Live  Workshops.

The reason why most people don't have enough ideas for content creation is once again due to not defining WHO they can help with their product, service or business opportunity.

If this is how you feel right now then ask yourself these questions.....

"Do I really know my Ideal Customer"?

 "Have I done enough research to help me find them"?

If you answered NO, don't worry, as I've got you completely covered!

This Module is packed full of Content Creation lessons to help you create AWESOMENESS on your Facebook Business Page.

You'll be able to create stimulating valuable content with your Facebook Slideshows, Carousel Posts, Link Share Posts, and much more.

Give your Customers what they want so they keep coming back for more!

"Time To Become The Authority In Your Niche"

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The Power of Video

One of my FAVOURITE topics, Video Marketing.

Video in the Facebook Newsfeed is where it's really at in 2017. 

Facebook want more and more people to start using the Facebook Live feature to connect with their audience, and are giving much more Reach to Facebook Live Videos.

In this Module you will not only learn how to use Facebook Live on your Business Page, but you'll learn how to.....

  • Edit your Videos inside Facebook
  • Add Captions to your Video
  • Create a Re-targeting Audience so you can target a Warm Audience with your Facebook Ads
  • Create a Live Video and then Repurpose it via multiple Social Media channels, including  your website. Do the work ONCE and you'll have your very own content marketing machine!
  • Read the Data from your Facebook Videos and understand how you can leverage from it

Video isn't just about Facebook Live. There's multiple ways that you can create a video to showcase you and your business, which you'll learn in The Power of Video module.

"More Video Training To Share Throughout 2017"

Every day it seems like Facebook are introducing NEW Video Features. The most recent addition being rolled out is Facebook Live for Desktop - which I tested and love! 

You'll be kept up to date with the latest video features throughout this program and kept in the loop with new trainings to help you be at the forefront of all things NEW with Facebook Video.

Data Insights

"How well am I doing with my Facebook Posts?"

You've worked extremely hard to get the 'right message to the right people' with your amazing valuable content, but now what?

How do you know what's worked and what hasn't?

In this Module you will be shown the important Data that you need to track in order to make decisions with your Facebook Marketing strategy

For example, what are the ages of people connecting with your posts? Is it what you thought? What time are you posting on Facebook? Are your fans online or not?

The Data doesn't lie, so you need to pay close attention to it.

We keep it simple in the Data Insights Module, so it doesn't feel overwhelming or difficult to understand.

You'll learn exactly what you need to track and measure in order for you to create more of what your Facebook Fans love, and ultimately generate more sales, leads and prospects!

"What Doesn't Get Tracked, Doesn't Get Measured"

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Planning & Scheduling

Do you have a Facebook posting strategy in place for your business, or do you do most things on 'the fly'?

Don't worry if you're answer is the latter. 

This is why this program has been created. To help you with EVERYTHING Facebook Marketing - which includes creating a simple Facebook Marketing Plan for your business that you can eventually do in just a few hours each week.

When you have a simple posting strategy in place, not only will your content creation feel simple and effortless, you'll have more ideas than you've ever had before - which will result in more content than you've ever created before, which means more eye balls on YOU and your Business!

Time to turn those raving fans into customers and prospects!

If You Fail To Plan. You Are Planning To Fail.

Benajmin Franklin

Systemise With Messenger

Facebook Business Messenger could be the answer to all your organisational prayers!

You can get ultra organised and manage all your prospects, customers, referrals, hot leads, time wasters, team members, etc - all inside of Facebook Messenger on your Business Page!

No more scrappy pieces of paper with phone numbers and email addresses from prospects, or orders from customers - you'll have everything documented and organised inside Messenger.

As well as managing your Facebook Messages, you can provide outstanding social customer care by  creating auto-replies to manage the expectations of your customers and prospects. This takes the pressure off having to reply to each message within seconds, as your potential customer or prospects will be satisfied knowing that you'll be getting back to them shortly.

In this Module you will learn how to get super organised and never miss a sales opportunity or hot lead ever again.

"For Every Minute Spent Organising, An Hour Is Earned" - Benjamin Franklin

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Basics of Facebook Advertising

After all of your hard work, you will now be ready to promote your content to your Ideal Customers!

In this Module you will learn how to create highly targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns, by keeping it super simple and spending as little as $1-5 per day!

Many business owners can often become overwhelmed and lost when it comes to Advertising on Facebook, as they hear the words ~ Pixels ~ Sales Funnel ~ Lead Magnet ~ Split Testing ~ Conversion Rates ~ Email Follow-Series ~ etc, etc - and it makes them want to run for the hills.

Now don't get me wrong, all those things are important strategies and highly effective - when you're ready to move up a gear!

When I've spoke this 'advertising language' to people in my Live Workshops I've scared the living day-lights out of them. They would reel off a list of excuses why Facebook Advertising would never work for them. That's because it just feels too overwhelming for them.

But we're not talking this language right now.   

I'm here to tell you that we're keeping this simple and you CAN do it.

The strategies taught in the Basics of Facebook Advertising module can be used in any business and you'll be surprised how simple and effective it can be to get more engagement with your Facebook Posts - thus, helping you to stand out as an authority within your niche and attracting MORE of your Ideal Customers!

Are you going to hit it out of the park with your very first Ad Campaign?  Maybe, but maybe not!

However, when you learn the basic principles of Facebook Advertising, and you discover what works and what doesn't work, you'll eventually find your own vein of gold with the perfect Ad Campaign that generates a constant stream of customers and prospects. This is when it's time to scale up!

In the Facebook Ad Report Lessons you learn how to read the data of your Ads. You'll know whether your Ad is tanking and wasting your hard earned money, or if it's getting a high relevancy score and generating low cost engagements - you need to know the data so you can make good decisions!

Sound good?

"The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops the clock to save time" - Thomas Jefferson

Enrolment Is Now Open!

Don't Delay!

Enrolment will close on Sunday 5th February

1st Bonus Module

The Path To Purchase with Tom Breeze

CEO/Founder of Viewability Ltd

Tom Breeze || Ribbit Media Solutions Ltd

Tom is the Founder of advertising agency Viewability, where he and his team are solely responsible for millions of dollars worth of video advertising spend for some of the leading experts in the world of online marketing, public speaking and social media - including, Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Andy Harrington, to name but a few.

I first met Tom' back in 2014, and was a student of one of his small intimate YouTube Training Events in London. Toms knowledge of video marketing and paid advertising on YouTube is mind-blowing - and I continued to pick his brains for months afterwards, and became good friends!

I'm incredibly excited and grateful that Tom agreed to do a special training video for the members of the Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program.

Tom shares his expertise and cleverly explains what he calls The Path To Purchase, which applies to ALL marketing, and not just video - I just know you're going to love this incredible Bonus I have for you!


Extra Bonuses to come throughout the year! 

Already Confirmed for 2017 we have.....

  • Training from a Pinterest Expert
  • Instagram Training from CEO of Assistagram, and Award-Winning Dancer who travels the world managing IG accounts for big Blue Chip brands, Zach Benson!

Just another one of Zach's many talents!

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Facebook for Business Set Up July 2016


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All Pricing Options Include:

  • 10-Modules of the whole Facebook Marketing System
  • Private Members Area Facebook Group
  • 2 x Facebook LIVE Q&A Group Support Sessions each month
  • Program updates EVERY 4 months
  • BONUS training from Industry Leaders


Choosing the right course to help you grow your business using Facebook Marketing can be daunting.

Afterall, there's so many people out there offering Facebook Training, so what makes me and the Explode Your BRAND on Facebook different from all the rest?

I guess the answer to that would have to be ME!

There's lots of other people that teach great things about Facebook Marketing too, but don't you agree that we're all drawn to certain people?

If you've been following me for a while, or if you're new to my teachings, or even if this is the first time you have come across me and my business, Ribbit - you will no doubt already have made your mind up whether I'm the one to help you to Explode Your BRAND on Facebook.

A Little About Me

My own Entrepreneurial journey started with online Affiliate Marketing back in 2014, and since then I have used various Social Media platforms to grow my business using paid advertising strategies, such as Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook.

Facebook became the Social Media platform that gave me the best results, therefore I concentrated on knowing everything I could about Facebook Marketing and Advanced Online Marketing strategies - from building all my own websites, to email list building, creating sales funnels, video marketing, Facebook re-marketing campaigns, etc, etc.

For the first 12-months I promoted my Affiliate Marketing business whilst working full-time as a Business Development Manager - which was pretty tough with 2 young children!

In 2015 I left my full-time job and then Ribbit Media Solutions Ltd was formed. 

Who Have I Helped Since?

Since then I have trained over 300 business owners in small private workshops in our local town, been on stage training Facebook Video Marketing to an audience of over 1,000 people and Live Streamed it via Facebook, which has been viewed by nearly 10,000 people, taught advanced marketing strategies to local PR Agencies, manage Facebook Advertising accounts for a select number of niche clients.

And now my latest project....taking the Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program online!

The Beta Program

The online Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program was launched to a small group of business owners in the Network Marketing industry back in October 2016. I have personal experience in this industry from as far back as 2009.

I am incredibly passionate to help the Home Based Entrepreneur / Network Marketer so they can learn the 'New Age Strategies' and online marketing techniques to get more customers and prospects with their Facebook Business Page and also how it could link to multiple income streams with the products and services that they promote.

Times have changed, and so must you!

The testimonials on this page are from the Founding Members of the Explode Your BRAND on Facebook online program that was launched as a pilot program in October 2016.

These are real and raw and the majority are what people have put in the Facebook Group, sent as a Private Messages to me, added to my Business Page, or to their own Personal Timeline (these have been added with their permission of course).  

Looking Forward To Helping You Too!

It's an absolute pleasure to teach what I know and to help others grow their business and take it to the next level with the Explode Your BRAND on Facebook program.

This isn't just a Facebook Program, it's a community!

The Facebook Group is a place where I can help members even further. Where I can give encouragement and confidence to those that feel daunted, or maybe just having a "meh" day! I'm pretty great at getting people out of a funk, if I do say so myself...ha-ha.

Which is why I don't want you to view this as 'just another Facebook Course' - it's much more than that!

With the annual access you will be kept up to date with all the latest roll outs that Facebook introduces, and let me tell you...there's lots of exciting features being released right now and 2017 is going to be HUGE.

Are You In?

If this sounds good to you, then I cannot wait to connect with you when the enrolment opens and to get to know you in the Private Facebook Community.

All you need to do today is add yourself to the Waitlist and you will receive an email on Sunday 29th January for you to enrol - the early discount will be available for the first few days of enrolment too!


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