Get Your Favourite Facebook Shortcuts Back on Desktop - Dec 2016
How To Get Your Facebook Favourites on the left side of your desktop

What Happened To All My Favourites On The Left-Side Of My Personal Facebook Page?

This was my thought this week!

As of w/c 12th December 2016 I noticed that all my once favourite Pages and Groups on the left-side of my Personal Facebook Page on my Desktop was gone!

My own Business Page, that of Clients, my Facebook Groups, the ones I'm very active in - all just gone, and instead it was replaced with Groups that I very rarely go in to.

Where on earth had they disappeared to?

Well, as you know (or may not) - Facebook just LOVE to move things around and keep us on our toes and this one certainly got me this week.

Don't Worry. It's Simple To Sort Out!

In this quick 5minute video I show you how to get your Shortcuts (favourite) Pages and Groups back to where you can access them easily again.

Click the screen below to get started.​

Quick Guide

Your Shorcuts

First of all, it seems that Facebook will show you either 5 or 6 Shortcuts (favourites) in the list.

In the morning it showed me 6 and by the afternoon it showed me 5, and seems to be staying at 5 now. To view all your other shortcuts you will need to click on the blue See More link below your Pinned Shortcuts.

Moving The Pages and Groups Around

Before this new update we could manage these by dragging them to where we wanted them to be.

Now we have to hover to the right of the Page or Group and when the 3 dots appear you can either Unpin from Top, or Pin To Top. As shown below.

It's certainly much more faffy than it previously was - plus  this doesn't always help you to get them in the right order either.

But again, there is a workaround for this as you will have seen in the video, or you can see below.

Adding A Business Page To Shortcuts

As you can see from above, you can Pin and Unpin the Page and Groups that are in your Shortcut List. 

However, you can always go to the Facebook Business page and select the More option underneath the Timeline Cover.

When the dropdown box appears, you can select Unpin from Top of Shortcuts and then click More again and now select Pin to Top of Shortcuts.

This will put your Business Page back at the top of your Shortcuts.

Adding A Group To Shortcuts

To add a Group to your Shortcut list you can either click on the 3 dots (next to notification) and once again, Unpin from Shortcut and the select the 3 dots again to Pin to Shortcuts.

This will now put the Group you have just pinned in your top 5 or 6 Shortcuts that you can visually see on Desktop,.

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Who Takes The No.1 Shortcut Spot?

Here's something to be aware of though.

If you want your own Business Page to take the No.1 top spot on your Shortcut list and you have only 5 places, then you need to ensure you follow a certain order.

You would need to make sure you pin the No.1 top spot LAST.

Facebook will take whatever Page or Group you Pinned last and put it in the No.1 poll position.

So, if you have 4 Groups and 1 Business Page and you want your Business Page to be in the No.1 spot, then you would need to ensure that this is the very last one that you Pin to the Top.

Not Difficult. But A Pain In The A$$.

Ok, let's not get too stressed out here. 

It's actually not that difficult, however, it is a bit of a pain and faffy. 

However, all you need to do is just factor in 5-10 minutes to get everything re-arranged and the way you like it so that you can carry on finding the Pages and Groups you love and enjoy the rest of your day!

Watch The Video 

If you haven't watched the quick 5 minute video above, then you may just want to take a quick look so you can see that it's really quite simple.

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