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Learn How To Create A List Of People Who Have Already Visited And Connected With Your Facebook Page By Using Custom Audiences

It's super quick, really simple and HIGHLY effective!

Creating a Custom Audience based upon Post Page Engagement has got to be one of the BEST features that Facebook has introduced.

Below I explain what a Custom Audience is, how it can help you to get cheaper Ads and I have added the Facebook LIVE video from my business page (below), so you can see exactly how you to set up your own Custom Audiences using the Page Post Engagement feature.

What Is A Custom Audience?

If you've never heard of the term 'Custom Audience' for Facebook, it basically means that you can create your very own list of people that have interacted with your business in some way.

Facebook has a number of options for you to create a Custom Audience - such as choosing Website traffic, your Email List, Look A Like Audiences and Post Page Engagement - which is the one we are going to cover today.

With the Post Page Engagement that I show you in the video, Facebook knows who has been to your Facebook Page and interacted with your content, which means these people will be in the Custom Audience list you create inside of your Ads Manager dashboard (which is under Assets/Audiences - shown in the video below). 

You don't get to see exactly WHO each person is in your Custom Audience list, so it's not going to give you their profile details - it collects the IP address from their Desktop or Mobile Device so you can retarget those devices when you create an Advertising Campaign.

Are you excited? You should be!

You don't need to be a tech-whizz to create your Custom Audiences!

In the video below I will show you one of the most simplest ways to create a Custom Audience.

You don't need any fancy code, no pixels, or to be tech-whizz.  You just need to have a certain feature available inside of your Ads Manager dashboard (in Assets > Audience) and you're good to go!​ 

This feature was rolled out towards the end of 2016 and most people seem to have this now.​

Why do you need to create a Custom Audience?

You want to have your Custom Audiences set up so you can send your Advertising Campaigns to a more highly targeted audience. Even if you don't plan on doing any advertising right now, this is something you NEED to have set up NOW.

Think about it. If you choose one of your own Custom Audiences as a targeting option for your Ad Campaign, it means you are sending your Facebook Ads to people who have already connected with your business in some way - which means these are warm or hot leads, right? 

When you choose a targeting option such as Interests, Facebook Pages, Demographics, etc - this means you are sending your Advertising Campaign to an audience of Cold traffic - meaning people who may have potentially never heard of your business before.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be using Interests, Pages and Demographics - as this is important to attract new people - but by having your Custom Audiences for Post Page Engagement set up, you could capture the data from these new people.

What does retargeting mean?

At some point you will have experienced been retargeted to by a company. Amazon are really good at this!

One minute you're checking out a pair of shoes, a handbag, trainers, a book, etc (whatever you've searched for) and now those items you once searched for are following you around like some kind of internet stalker!

Or, you've visited a website to read an article and all of a sudden that company pops up in your Facebook Newsfeed - and you think "umm, that's strange as I was only looking at their website the other day".

This is what is known as "Retargeting" - and this is what you can do too!

What's great about Facebooks new  Post Page Engagement feature, is that it's incredibly simple to set up and as mentioned above, you don't need fiddle around with pixels or codes, and you don't need a website either.

With your own Custom Audiences set up, it means you can start getting really ninja with your own Facebook Marketing and putting your content in-front of the RIGHT people - those that have already connected with your business.

Custom Audiences = Cheaper Cost Per Action!

I'm sure this one has you really interested right?! Haha 

The first thing you NEED to remember is: Facebook wants the 'end user' to have the best experience on Facebook, otherwise they'll stop using Facebook and go elsewhere.

Zuckerbergs main priority is not YOU or I (the Marketer), it's the people who are using Facebook to connect with their Friends, Family and the things they care about.

When you are advertising to a Custom Audience that has been built from people who have Engaged with your Facebook page, it tells Facebook that you are sharing content with  people that are interested in your business  - which Facebook then rewards you for! (see the caveat to this below).

When you have created an Ad Campaign for your Ideal Customer - which is  valuable, helpful, will solve a problem for them - and you choose one of your own Custom Audiences as a targeting option, you are more likely to get a higher Relevancy Score for your Ad, and the higher the Relevancy Score, the lower your cost per action tends to be.

Cool eh?!

What is a Relevancy Score?

It's a scoring system that Facebook uses to determine if your Ad Campaign is resonating with the audience you have chosen.

It works on a scale of 1 to 10 scale and you're looking for top marks - which is a 10!

So the reason why Custom Audiences are highly effective is because you are sending your Ad Campaigns to an audience of people who have already connected with your Business and it  will therefore help to increase your Relevancy Score and for this you will notice your costs are lower!

Note: You will only see your Relevancy Score after 500 Impressions. This is shown at the Ad Level of your Ad Campaign. So just keep checking in and it will appear once you hit this magic number (if it's 505 and you don't see the score, be patient - it will reveal itself).

There is a caveat to this though!

Let's say you create an amazing video and it gets lots of engagement and you've built up a nice sized Custom Audience - you're feeling great, right?!

THEN you create your Ad Campaign and you target this Custom Audience with your Ad, and you're feeling super excited as you're expecting a flood of leads and sales - but you hear crickets. Nothing!

Now you're thinking "what went wro​ng? I had my Custom Audience set up"

You need to check your Ad! Take a look at what you've created, because clearly it's not resonating with this audience. Is it too promotional? Are you promoting something that you've never touched on before? Is the image boring? Is your video not engaging enough?

It's NOT a failure, it's GOOD news!

OK - let's not freak out here! You're still alive right?!

So, you created your Ad, you sent it out to your Custom Audience and nobody took notice - GREAT! Now you know that this audience DO NOT like what you sent them, so it's time to try something different.

Test & Tweak, Test & Tweak, and then Test & Tweak some more!

Learn from your Advertising Campaigns to see what your Custom Audience LOVES and what they don't.

Just know that not every Ad Campaign you create is going to be a raving success, in fact you'll probably have more losers than winners in the early days, but the more you test and tweak the better you get an understanding of your Audience - which will help you to create more highly engaging Ads and ultimately generate you more leads, sales, clients, prospects!

Marketing without Data, is like driving with your eyes closed.

Dan Zarrella

How to create your own 'Page Engagement' Custom Audiences

In the Facebook LIVE video below you will learn how to create a Custom Audience using the Post Page Engagement option. You will soon have your list ready and set up for those that have visited your Page within the last 365 days, 90 days, 60 days, 30 days and 7 days!

I also show you how to create a Look-a-like Audience too! This means that Facebook will go and find more people that are like the ones who are already connecting with your business page! 

Watch the LIVE Video below

If you want to get straight to the training then all you need to do is scroll along until 6 minutes into the video, and there you will see me share my screen and show you how to set up your Custom Audiences.

(if you want to know how I did this LIVE video using a Screenshare, you may want to listen from the start). 

CLICK HERE if you want to view the Facebook Live video on my Facebook Business Page.

Are You Excited?

You should be! This feature was only introduced at the back end of 2016 and I believe that most people 'should' have this available to them now. 

Don't delay - make the time to get this set up TODAY.

For every day that you delay doing this, you're missing out on capturing this all important data.

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