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How To Schedule A Post Into A Facebook Group

How to schedule a post into a FB Group

This new feature for Facebook Groups will help you to improve your post engagement and your productivity!

Watch the quick video below to learn how.

I've just discovered a new feature in my Facebook Group that I'm really pleased about!

The feature is new to me, but you may have had it a while, or you may not have it yet. Facebook tend to roll out new features in phases and we have no way of knowing where we are in their grand plans!

Either way, it's sure to reach you soon and it's brilliant!​

You are now able to schedule posts into your Facebook Group

I’ve added a screen-share video at the bottom of this post on how you can do this.

Why is this such a good feature?

1. There are no restrictions on when you post into your Group

You may be thinking that there weren't any restrictions before, but...there was! There was the restriction on posting only when you (or someone who manages your Group for you) were able to do so. 

You may really want to post something on a Friday morning but you are unable to for a whole multitude of reasons – you’re somewhere with no internet, you’re in a meeting, you’re on holiday…and so the post doesn’t go out on Friday morning.

But….with the new scheduling feature the post WILL go out on Friday morning.

This is such a perfect feature for people/businesses who, for example, have theme days within their groups.

You can plan ahead, get your content posted and scheduled, and ensure that your posts reach people at the time that you would like.

So for example, I have FLAUNT IT FRIDAY in my Group.

If I am busy on a Friday and posting would be a challenge, then never fear – I can still post on the Friday, but I’ll create my FLAUNT IT FRIDAY post on say, Monday!

2. Scheduling your posts can make you more productive

Schedule FB Groups

It’s not about ‘set and forget’.  Engagement is still very important within your Facebook Group.

But, by scheduling your posts you can put some automation into your business which will help you work in a more productive way.

If you set aside time to post into your Group, and create all the posts for 1 week in a block, then you are saving yourself time over the course of the week.

In general, anything that you can do in blocks of time will enhance productivity.

So, how do you do this?

You create the post as usual in your group, but next to the blue POST button in the bottom right you will see a little Timer / Clock (see my video below).

You click on the clock/timer and you can select a date and time in the future for your post. Simple!

At any point between you scheduling the post and it being posted, you can go back and edit it, post it, or you can delete it completely. 

If you go to 'Manage Group' you will be able to see all of your scheduled posts, they appear like a news feed

Top Tip: Choose a time when you know that people are more likely to engage 

You no longer need to post when you can, but instead post when the engagement levels are likely to be high.

If you’re unsure when engagement levels will be high then it’s time to start testing and paying attention to your Facebook Insights.

If you test different times and pay attention to the engagement levels, you'll start to notice when your audience are most likely to engage with posts.

Click the video below to have a look so you can use this great feature to help you with automation and productivity in your Facebook Group.

Enjoy scheduling your posts into your Facebook Group!

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