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Why The FREE Course?

A Message From The Founder of Ribbit Media Solutions

Dorne McLoughlin Founder/CEO

Hey, it's Dorne here!

Thanks for checking out our FREE Facebook for Business Set Up course.

Over the past 12 months I have trained up to three hundred business owners in either our signature Explode Your BRAND on Facebook Workshops, Speaking Events or One to One Business Training, and the one thing that stands out the most is that lots of business owners don't understand what the Settings are in their Facebook Business page, even after having their business page for years!

We therefore decided to create a FREE Video series to help business owners learn more about the settings and how to make the most of them.

Not only that, we had the busy Entrepreneur in mind when we created this Free video series, as all the videos are in manageable bite-sized chunks.

The "buzz word" on the street for this is.....Micro-Learning!

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Learn In Super Quick Time!

You have access to 25 micro-learning videos for FREE

What Do We Mean By Micro-Learning?

We Love Binge Watching Here At Ribbit!

We live in a fast-paced world where we want things quickly, so consuming content to help us develop our businesses is no different.

Out of the 28 videos we have prepared, the shortest is 38 seconds and the longest is 5 minutes 1 second (apart from an 11min video from a Blog we added in for you). 

This means you can binge watch your way through these micro-learning videos. You get to decide how much time you have available to make your way through the course.

So for example, in just 16 minutes 8 seconds you will have completed the whole of Module 1 of the Set Up course. Cool eh?!

Check Your Progress

We have created a Checklist for you to download so you can keep track of your progress.

You'll find the Video Name and Length for each training video, along with an action plan. For example, you can tick the video when you've watched it and you can even give yourself a deadline when you want to complete each of the videos. In the final column you get to put a big fat tick to say you've watched and implemented the training!

Most of you will implement as you go along, which means you're going to see this Checklist full of ticks in super quick time.​

Don't you just love seeing a To Do List that is all crossed off and ticked?! We do ☺️

Who Is This For?

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What Can You Expect To Learn?

Module 1

In Module 1 you will access 4 Lesssons, and in the first Lesson you will discover how to quickly create a Facebook Business Page if you haven't already got started.

Lesson 2 will show you the Categories and Subcategories to choose from and you can also download a cheatsheet (pdf) to help you select the right category for your business.

You will also learn how to secure your own unique @username, and also the importance of completing your About section, as this is indexed by Google.

Here's how the first part of Module 1 looks.....

​Also includes Lesson 3 and 4

Module 2

In module 2 you will discover the meaning of all of the features in the 'General' area of 'Settings'.

For example, in Lesson 10 you will learn how to set your Profanity Filter. This not only allows you to stop any obscene language on your Facebook Business page, but you can stop people or businesses spamming your Business Page with their own websites and links.

In Lesson 15 you will shown how to Merge Facebook Business Pages. It could be that you have two pages and you want to just have the one. In this video you will see how easy it is to Merge the page and pull in all the Page Likes from the page you no longer wish to use.

There's 17 micro-learning videos in Module 2 with the shortest being 38 seconds in length, to the longest video being 5 minutes 1 second.

Here's how the first part of Module 2 looks.....

There's a total of 17 micro-learning videos in Module 2

Module 3

After covering How to create your Facebook Business Page in Module 1 and the various features in the General area of Settings in Module 2, we take a look at the 5 other features of the Settings area in Module 3....

There's 5 videos in total in Module 3

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