Gambling on Roulette: Spinning the Small Wheel for Big Payoffs

The iconic Roulette table and the click, click, click of the glitzy wheel are instantly recognizable to gamblers from every corner of the globe. Many first-time casino goers seek out the Roulette table to get their feet wet in the action.

bets on columns in roulette

The numbers 1 through 36 appear in columns of 12, alternating between red and black, on both the American and French roulette wheels. Green represents the zero or double zero that appears across the top. In accordance with the Roulette wheel design, the numbers are alternately colored red and black.

A column bet is a cluster of numbers that spans across one of Roulette’s three vertical columns. A player has the option of betting on any one of the three columns, or all three columns at once. The payout ratio for each column is 2:1. Bets are made in the space beneath the column on which the bettor is placing a wager. Have a look at table 1:



One of the simplest ways for a beginner to boost their bankroll is to use column bets. Some experts recommend doubling your wager after a successful outcome. Splitting your earnings between two columns and then increasing and splitting them as you go is another option. Keep in mind that Roulette is a game of chance, and your goal should always be to keep as much of your money as possible in your pockets.


Think about how likely you are to win. Some players advocate increasing their chances by betting on a single color over many columns, such as black across all numbers or red across all numbers. It can be seen that the central column has a greater concentration of black than either the inner or outer columns. If you want to boost your odds on the center bet, betting all black is a decent strategy, but the reward is only 1:1.

Calculating Roulette Winnings



Let’s pretend you’ve got a gut sense that the next number rolled will be 23, so you wager on it. Perhaps you’d want to use your own birthdate as your lucky number. That’s a win for you if it connects.



Choose a lucky number, or go with your gut and make a single wager that encompasses both it and the adjacent number. The only thing left to do is cross your fingers and hope one of them connects.


Three-Number Bet (11, 1, 3)

You’re starting to get the hang of it, but you should keep in mind that this works best once you’ve established a healthy bankroll.



It stands to reason that raising your odds will reduce your reward.


Six-Number Bet • 5:1 Odds

Of course, you can never have too many of anything. When it comes to improving your chances of success, six is always a better number than one.



Usually a column wager, but also the Dozens wager.


The odds are one to eighteen, or 1:18.

Black/red, even/odd, high/low, etc., are all examples of one-color bets.


The “safe” bets in roulette are the outside bets, which cover a larger range of numbers. To what end are they secure? For the simple reason that they get more done and boost your chances of success. The more numbers you cover, the lesser your payment will be, but the higher your chances of winning.


Bets that fall into the category of “outside” include:


Columns by the DozensRight/LeftOdd/EvenColumns by the Dozens

Except for Columns and Dozens, which are bets on 12 numbers and pay 2 to 1, all of the outside bets listed here pay 1 to 1.


On the House

Unlike the even money bets and the column bets, inside bets are far more narrow in scope. The pinnacle of Roulette success, then, is a straight up bet, or a gamble on a single number. For good reason, too, as the payout is 35:1. The ball lands on number 10, and your bet wins. The prize is $350 for you. On American tables, the probability of this occuring is 2.63 percent, and on European tables, it’s 2.70 percent. If you want to gamble on only one number, you can do so by putting your chip right on that digit. Extra safe wagers include:



SPLIT is any pair of consecutive digits. Put your chip on the number 23 and any of the numbers immediately around it, for instance. Take a look at the options on the table.


Another sure bet on the inside is STREET. It’s essentially a fight here. It’s possible that you’ll go 1-3, 4-7, etc. Payouts for merely strolling down the street are 11 to 1.



Includes the numerals 1 through 4, inclusive. Put your money on any four-number intersection. This is an 8-to-1 payment split.



is like the street, but you’re covering twice as much ground at once to get to six numbers. It has a return of 5:1.


Those wagers that pay out at the standard 1:1 rate are known as “even money” wagers. So, let’s say you bet $5 on all black and a black number comes up (for a list of possible black numbers, see Table 1). If you win, you keep your initial wager and receive $5. So, if you bet $5, you’ll get $5 back.


An even money bet is one in which the winnings are the same as the stake. For more information on online casinos, see this page.






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