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How To Get FREE Facebook Likes

FREE Facebook Likes Hack!

That's Right! You Don't Have To Be Friends With People To Invite Them To LIKE Your Business Page!

You can invite people who have engaged with your Facebook posts!

Most people know that they can invite their Friends to LIKE their Facebook Business Page, but what they don't realise is that you can invite people to like your page that aren't your friends too!!

This hidden gem is one of the best FREE ways to get more Facebook LIKES, as these people have already connected with your business by reacting to your content!

Note that this feature is only available on Desktop, as it appears that the ability to do this from your Mobile has gone away (boo-hoo). 

UPDATE: At the time of creating this video I'd lost the ability to Invite people from my mobile.....but guess what? It's BACK! See the screenshot below in the Step-by-Step guide. 

Build A Page Of Raving Fans

What an amazing way to build your Facebook Fans by inviting those that have already connected with your posts!

You already know they've Liked or Loved your posts, so now you can start to build your Facebook business page with raving fans!

Watch The Short Video Below To Learn How

Video Length: 57 seconds

Something To Keep In Mind 

Building a Facebook audience of hundreds and even thousands of Page Likes 'just for Social Proof' isn't the best strategy for you to use.

For example, if you're a Home Based Entrepreneur, then don't invite those that are in the same business opportunity as you to Like your page - just for the sake of more Page Likes and Social proof!

These Page Likes will cost you down the line when you want to choose your Facebook Fans as a targeting option when creating Facebook Ad Campaigns.

What's the point in advertising to people who do what you do? 

Makes sense not to invite them, right?

Step-by-Step Visual Guide

If you're more of a visual person, then check out the simple Step-by-Step guide below as show in the video.


How to Get FREE Facebook LIKES

In the example above it showed the 'number' of reactions. In some cases it will may show numbers next to 2 or 3 names. Either way, just click on the blue links for numbers or names.


How to Get FREE Facebook LIKES

Note: For me the above Invite Box opens up even if it's just one person that has reacted to a post.  

However, in the past there was a limit. I had to have at least 4-5 reactions on a post in order to have the option to 'INVITE' people to LIKE my page. 

This may, or may not, happen to you - but just in-case the box doesn't appear, then this could be the reason. Keep checking though, as Facebook changes things up all the time - so if it won't open up with only 1 or 2 reactions just yet, then be sure to keep trying. 


How to Get FREE Facebook LIKES

The person you have invited will receive a notification at their end letting them know you have invited them to Like your Business page.


How to Get FREE Facebook LIKES

As you can see above. Melissa Harper had hit the LOVE reaction to my Facebook Post, but she wasn't a Fan of my Ribbit Media Page.

Upon sending the Invite I then could see that I had Invited Melissa to LIKE my page.

When the person accepts your invitation you will receive a notification, as shown above  - 'Melissa Harper accepted your invite to like Ribbit Media Solutions'.

NOTE: This isn't going to work every single time. However, I usually have a very good success rate when sending invites to those that have already reacted to my Facebook Posts and I would say that at least 80% of them are accepted!

Amazing, right?!

UPDATE: Mobile Version

At the time of creating this video I'd lost the ability to Invite people from my Facebook Pages App and also from my Facebook App on my mobile (iPhone).  However, it has miraculously re-appeared've gotta love Facebook eh? (ha-ha) 

Again, it's just like above. Hit on the Reactions to each of your posts and the box will appear for your to Invite those that have not already LIKED your page.


Try this out for yourself and see if you can increase the number of Facebook Page Likes from those that are already engaging with your Facebook Posts!

Build a Facebook Page of Raving Fans!


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