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No Fear

In today's Motivational Monday I want you to think about FEAR.

We all come across situations that can block us and hold us back, but you either live your DREAMS or you live in FEAR.

Our time is limited, so why waste it by living someone else's life?

Don't let other people's opinions drown out your own inner voice.

The majority of fears are not life and death fears, but through our imagination we blow them all out of proportion and we give them more power than they have or deserve, and we permit the FEARS to govern our lives.

What would your life be like if decided "I'm not going to let my FEARS stop me"?

No Fear

Use FEAR as the building blocks in your life!

Your WHY is going to push you when you can’t push yourself.

Leave a legacy in the world and don’t let FEAR stop you!

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