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How To Read The Data For Videos In Facebook Business Pages

How To Read The Data In Your Facebook Business Page

Discover What The Facebook Data Can Give You When Uploading A Video or Going LIVE on Your Facebook Business Page. It's Incredible!

Below you can either watch my own Facebook Live Video for all the details, or better still, register for a 4-part video series where I have recorded the whole Keynote presentation, with an extra module at the end showing you where to find the Custom Audience when creating your Facebook Ad Campaign.

Going LIVE On Stage

I was fortunate enough to talk to over 1,000 people at the Bolton Macron Stadium on 24th September 2016, which was my very first talk on such a huge stage to so many people. Up until this point my largest audience had been 150!

The nerves definitely kicked in on the build up to this huge event, however, once I got on stage it wasn't half as bad as I'd made it out to be in my head. That's usually the case though, right? Nothing like fighting the fear.

Although when you're talking about a topic you're passionate about (and of course you practice your craft and rehearse your slides), then this certainly helps to calm the nerves!

What You Will Learn By Watching
The Video?

Reading The Data

In this video I not only talk about the impact of Video Marketing on Facebook, I dive in and give you some step-by-step training on the Data you get when you either upload a Video to your Facebook Business Page, or if you go LIVE on your Facebook Business Page.

You will also learn how to Edit your video so that it has all the relevant information and CTA's (call to actions) and also choose a thumbnail image that people will see in the Newsfeed.

I also show you how you can very easily use the content again by hitting a Create New Post button. This is great if you had a video that did really well, yet in 2-3 months time you have lots of new people that have liked your page and didn't get to see your video. A great way to re-purpose your content and get engagement.​

Create A Custom Target Audience

You will also learn how to create what is known as a Custom Audience using one of your Videos as a targeting option, which is incredibly powerful when it comes to creating Advertising Campaigns to a warm audience.​

Basically it means that Facebook will capture the details of those that have watched your video. So when you create a Facebook Ad Campaign it now means that you can choose a targeting option of those who have already seen a previous video of yours.

In other words - people who have already connected with you and your brand, making them a 'war​m audience' - building the Know, Like & Trust.

Watch The Training Video From The LIVE Event

Below is the Facebook LIVE video from the event. Unfortunately the sound didn't kick in until 3mins 21secs - so you can scroll on to this time to start watching the video.

To get access to the  4-part recorded Keynote Presentation from the event, scroll down the page.

Note: The volume kicks in at 3mins 21secs, so scroll to this point to get started.

Want To Get The Full Keynote Presentation?

Below I have created a 4-part video series of the full Keynote Presentation.

As you can see from the image below it has been broken down into 4 bite-size chunks, rather than watching a full Live 50 minute video above.

How To Get The Videos

To get access to the 4-part video series all you need to do is click the SEND VIDEOS TO MESSENGER button below and we'll send them direct to your Facebook Messenger, where you'll get access. 

If you haven't messaged the Ribbit Media Facebook Page before, then simply click 'Get Started' after hitting the button below. Our lovely Ribbit Chatbots will take care of you from there!


24th September 2016​

Here's a few photos that were taken from the live event.

And yes, that tiny person on the stage is me! Wow, this really was the most incredible day of my Ribbit Media Solutions business to-date.

For all the business owners reading this right now, my message to you is.....

If something scares the crap out of you, but you know it's aligned with your goals - say YES and worry later.

Growth is most definitely on the other side fear!

Dorne x

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