Bl2 some chat

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Bl2 some chat

New posts Latest activity. Voice chat lag in games badly so in Borderlands 2. Thread starter Zenoth Start date Jul 15, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Software PC Games. Next. Zenoth Diamond Member. Jan 29, 5, I wasn't sure as to where I had to post this between here and "Computer Help", but since the issue is quite severe in Borderlands 2 specifically I opted for PC Gaming instead. With this said, however, the issue in question also occurs elsewhere more on that below.

Bl2 some chat

I'll try to make this short me saying this is akin to Sten giving a smile My cousin bought a PC capable of modern gaming and he started to buy games. He bought Borderlands 2 so we started to play co-op together. The game itself works very well, no crashes on both sides, very stableit runs smoothly be it when I host or when he does but when we speak via the in-game voice chat there's an unbearable 2.

It literally takes about up to 3 seconds or so between the moment I say something and my cousin hearing it. It is annoying to the extremes, and at this rate out of frustration I'll be the one popping a blood vessel Patricia Tannis-style.

The strange part I guess is that the actual game sounds themselves gun shots, footsteps, NPC talk in Sanctuary, enemies yelling, etc do not lag at all, nor does the game itself lags. When I open a container, a crate, when I kill an enemy or my cousin does everything happens instantly, no delays there. It's only the voice chat that happens to be lagging. Now, we're using Raid Call instead, we've been doing that since the past two days. The problem, however, still exists in RC, albeit to a lesser extent.

Indeed, even in Raid Call we've noticed voice lag, but instead of around 3 seconds it seems to be reduced to approximately 1. We've tested it by simply saying "jump" at the exact moment we press the jump key in front of each other. And that is when we notice that the moment the other hears "jump" the character itself is already starting to fall down when "jump" is finally heard. I should mention the following, however.

This issue simply does not exist at all when we play Mass Effect 3 multi-player. Indeed, in ME3's lobby and within the match itself as we play there is absolutely no voice chat lag whatsoever I have absolutely no idea why in that game specifically the issue is nonexistent when in Raid Call and BL2 itself it is and in BL2 itself it is nauseatingly bad. I've looked on Google for "Borderlands 2 voice chat lag" and to my surprise there seems to be barely any reference to such an issue.

But the problem persists even in RC. We've also played Left 4 Dead 2 recently and in that one as well we've noticed voice chat lag of about 1. What my cousin has tried so far Then again, if "something somewhere is wrong" it doesn't quite explain why specifically in Mass Effect 3 we're experiencing absolutely zero voice chat lag, when in Raid Call, BL2 and Left 4 Dead 2 it lags bad enough that it feels like we're back in with 56K gaming.

Bl2 some chat

I'm at a loss and I'd really appreciate any suggestions, anything that might alleviate the problem or that could simply fix it completely. Last edited: Jul 15, You must log in or register to reply here. Thread starter Similar thre Forum Replies Date Industria appears to be a fascinating game that doesnt have much conent.

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Bl2 some chat

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Bl2 some chat

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Voice chat lag in games (badly so in Borderlands 2)