Several decades ago, online casinos as a phenomenon attained a global level. Almost every nation in the world can now partake in online gambling in some capacity. Consequently, why should Botswana lag behind?


This guide to Botswana online casinos is intended to bring you up to date on the relevant laws, game options, payment methods, and customer service in the iGaming industry.

Gambling’s Past in Botswana


Prior to 1961, little is known about the gambling landscape in the United States. It was the year that the state legalized wagering for the first time. It was made feasible by the Betting Act, which primarily covered lotteries at the time. However, online casino lotteries remain unregulated.


Botswana was still a part of the British Empire at the time. In 1966, the country in Africa gained independence and became a sovereign nation. However, the government did not take action to modernize wagering laws until 2021. The Gambling Act was enacted that year, officially legalizing sports betting in the United States.


Botswana Gambling Law

As you can see, we have not yet expressed concern regarding online wagering. Because this paradigm remains unrestricted. On international online casino platforms, punters and casino players can freely participate.


Local operators must obtain a license from the Botswana Gambling Authority in order to lawfully conduct business within the nation. The government did not concern itself with online gambling at the time because internet penetration was so minimal.


Even in 2023, the rate of penetration is only 61%, which is extremely low in comparison to the rest of the world. However, it is progressively increasing each year, so we can anticipate action from the government in the near future.


Casinos on Land in Botswana

The online gambling paradigm may be unregulated, but land-based casinos are extremely well-regulated. Gaborone, the country’s capital, is home to over ten land-based casinos. The law prohibits a casino from operating independently. It must be part of a resort or hotel.


Botswana’s Future in Online Gambling

As stated, the number of Internet consumers in the United States is increasing exponentially. The number is presently 1.48 million, and it will continue to increase. There is no doubt that the government also knows this if we do.


As gambling is already legal and well-regulated, the government has no cause to exclude online gambling. Expect new press releases regarding the update shortly. Additionally, new operators continually enter the market in quest of new competitors. The surge in revenue should also influence the decisions of policymakers.



Yes, we do. We’ve devoted countless hours researching these Botswana online casinos. To ensure you have a nice time, we’ve evaluated their security, casino welcome bonuses, games, software providers, payment methods, customer service, etc.


If you don’t like any of the brands on our list, feel free to discover your own, as Botswana’s options are virtually limitless. However, we strongly advise adhering to our ranking criteria to avoid future complications.



Let’s go over the concerns you may be having about the online casinos in Botswana right now. Let us assist you as we have throughout this manual.


Are Botswana online casinos legal?


Yes, it’s permissible. Botswana adheres to the category of unregulated casino jurisdictions, so the answer is no. It indicates that there is no policy in place to regulate online wagering in the country.


Which online casino in Botswana is the best?


You have already received the manifest. The PlayLuck casino has a well-rounded portfolio of promotions, games, and payment methods, so it is our top pick.


Which online casinos in Botswana offer the highest payouts?


If payout is a priority, you may need to adjust your attention. Because a single casino cannot flourish in all areas simultaneously. We recommend the JackpotCity casino.






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