Grannies in worcester

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Grannies in worcester

Well it was my birthday last week so a trip for me down memory lane - the venue was my old stamping ground or-so years ago of the Green Room at the Swan With Two Nicks affectionately known to all back then as the Dirty Duck and the present-day reincarnation of the premier band doing the rounds then - the wonderful Sons Of Spock! Of course the Toad-fronted outfit was a little more spaced-out in those days - but it's wonderful that the Malvern legends have evolved into a pure-rocking outfit of supreme quality in Slack Granny. Now it's probably fair to say that some things haven't quite changed that much - most of their material is still completely unbroadcastable!

But if you're of a broad-minded disposition then s like Pop Quiz, Boskage and Itchy it's about getting old will be right up your street - Slack Granny are a damn fine set of rock 'n' rollers with kicking s in bucketlo - and any band whose primary aim is to expose David Hasselhof as the Antichrist surely have to be worth checking out.

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Grannies in worcester

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Grannies in worcester Grannies in worcester

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