Mtv tula dating show

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Watch the Latest Episode. Berna and Hughie hope to win the Dive Bomb challenge and finally break the vets' alliance, Amber considers a risky move in pursuit of revenge, and two teams Race to Escape in elimination. Emy charts a risky gambit to steal her "dream partner," the house nervously awaits TJ's ruling on the pizza incident, and a legendary elimination game gets a new twist. Kaycee plans a romantic date for Nany, agents must solve puzzles while strapped to the tops of spinning cars, and a stolen pizza le to all-out war.

Good Vibes and Gladiator. Romance blooms in the house, the players race through various obstacles in a muddy Mindfield mission, and a vet's injury compromises her partner's standing in the competition. Amber seeks to affirm her spot in the "Big Brother" alliance, a split-second decision during Undercover Comms tests a friendship, and elimination gets personal. Big T's loyalties come into question, an intense diving challenge in multiple injuries, and a desire for revenge tempts the Agency to smash the veterans' alliance.

The agents face off in a heist-style challenge, a love triangle stirs up raw feelings in the house, and an elimination vote tests the veteran alliance. The international agents rescue the Americans, two veterans reveal their unexpected off-season hookup, and a mysterious list sends ripples throughout the house.

Global Activation. The American agents plan new strategies and new alliances, the international competitors arrive with plenty of new faces, and TJ announces the season's first challenge. Amanda Garcia. Amanda's last few appearances on The Challenge weren't exactly smooth rides, as the brazen pot-stirrer and self-proclaimed "Satan" got into vicious feuds with a variety of rivals.

Mtv tula dating show

Now a working mom, Amanda has even more to play for and will stop at nothing to take home some big money. Often physically underestimated, Amanda is scrappy and capable of flexing a strong social game. This veteran can go far in the game, as long as she can keep herself from making new enemies. Amber Borzotra. The reigning champion, and co-winner of The Challenge: Double Agents, Amber came in last season as an under-the-radar rookie yet managed to go all the way to the final and win.

Under the radar no more, Amber won't be taking anyone by surprise with her athletic prowess. Despite her reputation as a nomadic free spirit, Amber also has the capacity to make bold moves and will definitely stand up for herself if challenged.

Amber's main motivation is to make her mom proud, so don't expect this competitor to go down without a fight. Aneesa Ferreira. Despite being heralded as one of the most iconic competitors, Aneesa still feels she has something to prove. Adding insult to injury, Aneesa's competitive abilities are constantly being called into question by her fellow players.

Undeterred, the long-time veteran's confidence has been reignited, and she's ready to kick ass once again and prove her doubters wrong. With her best friend, Tori, at her side, look for Aneesa to be as focused and determined as she's ever been. Ashley Mitchell. Ashley's biggest weakness in the game is undoubtedly her reputation, which has put a target on her back on other Challenge seasons. As the all-time woman money-winner, it's easy to see why Ashley is always seen as a massive threat.

Her brains, athleticism and political skills combined with her propensity for drama all but guarantee Ashley will have a major impact on the game. Cory Wharton. Last season, on Double Agents, Cory played a near-flawless game that led all the way to a second-place showing in a truly grueling final.

Despite walking away with some real money, second ultimately was a disappointment for Cory, who once again fell short of his first-ever Challenge championship. A mature and consistent player, Cory tends to play an under-the-radar game, relying on a few tight alliances to coast through. Of course, his unwavering loyalty has come back to bite him on more than a few occasions. Still, with this proud papa once more set on winning it all 4DaKidz, he stands a great chance of coming out on top.

Chris "CT" Tamburello. The reigning Challenge champion and one of the all-time greats, CT returns to the game to defend his crown. His showing on last season's The Challenge: Double Agents was a master class in physical domination, sneaky game-play and doing whatever it took to win. Of course, CT's utter dominance in the final may have aled to his fellow Challengers his "old man" act is a total ruse and he still remains one of the greatest threats in the game. As a result, he's sure to have plenty of targets on him and may need to devise a new political strategy to survive. Nevertheless, with his legacy on the line, CT won't let anything stand in the way of another victory.

Devin Walker. No Challenger stirs up as much drama as Devin, who has the ability to get under just about anyone's skin and create utter chaos. Unfortunately, this tactic hasn't exactly served Devin well politically, and he enters this season wondering if he can temper his nettlesome ways and execute a real game strategy. Having taken out multiple legends in past eliminations, Devin's a surefire threat to go deep into the game while shaking things up as only he can.

Faysal Shawn "Fessy" Shafaat. Devastated by making it to, and failing in, yet another final, Fessy is back and determined to prove he has what it takes to bring home the big money. With his past arrogance and selfish moves, though, Fessy knows he has a massive target on his back, and will have to rely on his intimidation, athletic abilities, and "Big Brother" besties, Josh and Kaycee, if he hopes to make it through.

Josh Martinez. The first word many use to describe Josh is emotional, but perhaps his emotions are just a smoke screen for his cunning social game and keen eye on politics. While Josh has never been one to fly under the radar, look out for this "Big Brother"-winner to come out swinging this season, re-energized after finally breaking through to his first final. With his besties, Fessy and Kaycee, in the game alongside him, there is a good chance Josh might find himself crying tears of joy as a Challenge champ. Kaycee Clark. In her last competition, Kaycee bowed out in heartbreaking fashion after severely injuring her knee during the final mission.

Known for playing a flawless game alongside her "Big Brother" allies, Fessy and Josh, Kaycee has the ability to play a political game just vague enough to keep her drama-free. Kaycee enters the game with a new love interest, Nany, giving her a new ally, but also a potential source of distraction.

With the list of her alliance's enemies growing, Kaycee may have to cut some savvy deals to stay afloat. Kyle Christie. With a committed relationship back home and an offspring to care for, the former philandering wild man Kyle has denounced his hard-partying ways and knows there's more at stake in this game than ever before. Of course, even fatherhood can't keep Kyle from playing the game with his trademark wit and sarcasm. Despite a reputation as a snake, Kyle has been on the receiving end of some cruel betrayals himself and will look to play along with others a bit better this season as he hopes to notch his first-ever win.

Nam Vo. The "Ultimate Beastmaster Germany" competitor Nam returns determined to play a much more aggressive game as he tries to take home the Challenge crown. In particular, Nam has been studying English in order to become a much more outspoken presence around the Challenge house.

Mtv tula dating show

With an influx of international competitors, Nam may be perfectly positioned to make some key alliances with both vets and rookies. As one of the game's most loyal players, he could be a major finals threat. Nany Gonzalez. After nearly a decade of Challenges, Nany has yet to taste ultimate victory. Nevertheless, she returns to the game with the most confidence she's had in years.

Mtv tula dating show

With new love interest, Kaycee, at her side, she hopes the relationship will help her flourish within the competition and not become a distraction. With a solid social game and plenty of veteran experience under her belt, Nany has a solid chance of reaching back-to-back finals, and even taking home a Challenge crown.

Nelson Thomas. After being blindsided by his supposed bro Fessy on The Challenge: Double Agents, the fiercely loyal Nelson plans to play his most cutthroat game ever and will run over anyone who stands in his way. As ever, he'll be bolstered by fighting alongside his bestie, Cory, who has often helped to temper Nelson's wild ways. With the motivation of winning money to care for his mother, Nelson has enough passion and drive to make this season his for the taking.

Tori Deal. After two straight disappointing competition losses, Tori returns looking to regroup, tamp down her bravado and continue to hunt her first Challenge championship. Now, entering the game with a clean slate, Tori finds herself single and ready to make moves using her physical, social and political strengths. With best friend, Aneesa, at her side, Tori hopes to navigate a path between competitiveness and fun.

If she's able to do so, this could definitely be the season she breaks through to the top. Tula "Big T" Fazakerley. She hopes to continue in her trajectory of making it further in every game she plays, hopefully reaching a Final and taking home some big money. Other goals for this season include potentially experiencing a Challenge relationship and continuing to represent her birth country of Malawi.

Berna Canbeldek. Berna is a three-time competitor on "Survivor Turkey," former boxing champion and one tough badass. After breaking her leg on her last season of "Survivor Turkey," Berna suffered tremendous physical and emotional hardship, and found herself nearly bankrupted by medical bills. For her, winning The Challenge is about pulling herself out of one of the darkest chapters of her life and getting back on her feet again.

Mtv tula dating show

Bettina Buchanan. With a trademark laugh that can be heard from miles around, Bettina likes to present herself as a loud and wild party girl, but she can also be shrewd, cunning and cutthroat.

Mtv tula dating show

If she can strike the right balance between lively partier and savvy social gamer, Bettina could take home some serious dough. Corey Lay. Things didn't work out for Corey on "12 Dates of Christmas," but his fearlessness and willingness to put everything on the line will serve him well on The Challenge. A former athlete who competed in the Junior Olympic Games, Corey can hold his own against any physical threat.

As a Black, gay man, Corey hopes to serve as a role model for what has been a very underrepresented community. Ed Eason. As an ex-athlete and extreme sports junkie with an Ivy League degree in engineering, Ed has the physical, mental and emotional tools to make him a serious Challenge threat.

As a competitor on "The Circle," it was his goofball personality and charm that helped him excel. Despite Ed's childish and fun-loving energy, he's definitely one to take competition seriously and knows how to use his strengths to his advantage. Ed will do whatever it takes to walk home with some big money. Emanuel Neagu. As the runner-up on "Survivor Romania," Emanuel lasted five grueling months before falling short. His savvy game-play and fearless nature showed he has what it takes to become an instant Challenge threat.

Despite his small stature, this professional dancer and choreographer has the agility and speed to hold his own in plenty of challenges and eliminations. With his outrageous fun energy and big heart, Emanuel is sure to make plenty of friends in the house. Emy Alupei. A Romanian rapper who broke out on "X Factor Romania" and later made it all the way to the semifinals of "Survivor Romania," Emy is a wild child with a loud and vivacious personality. Having some insecurities when it comes to the competition, Emy has studied the game and to learn from her idols CT, Tori and Big T.

With incredible athleticism and a sharp strategic mind, Emy has the tools to go far if she can overcome her anxieties and keep it together to perform at her best. Esther Agunbiade. As a competitor on "Big Brother Nigeria," Esther learned quickly how to leverage her winning personality with shrewd political moves and a touch of sneakiness to make it far in the game. Now, she hopes to apply that same savvy to The Challenge, making some fast alliances and letting her social game lead the way -- to a final. If Esther can use her winning personality to land some key allies, she has a chance to go far.

Gabo Szabo. Just like his idol, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Gabo has his GTL routine down pat, but don't let his fun-loving attitude fool you; he is as competitive as they come, and with a huge cash prize on the line, Gabo won't shy away from doing whatever it takes to win it all.

If it comes down to it, look for Gabo to go from good vibes to gladiator and muscle his way to ultimate victory. Hughie Maughan.

Mtv tula dating show

Unafraid of competition, Hughie feels people may see him as a gay makeup artist and underestimate him, but with seven years of competitive boxing experience, he is a true physical threat.

Mtv tula dating show

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